Two preteens are helping other children get their finances in order.

The road to financial freedom started early for siblings Kali and Spirit Rahman. According to Face2Face Africa, their company, Stock Up Kids, was created to help teach kids and even adults how to trade stocks.

“It’s kind of cool knowing you do something really well that some adults don’t know how to do,” said 13-year-old Kali, who is well on his way to becoming a millionaire by the age of 18 alongside his 11-year-old sister, Spirit.

Stock Up Kids was created by the siblings in an effort to get noticed and fulfill their dreams of being noticed by the Ellen DeGeneres show’s crew.


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At ages 7 and 9, the pair was challenged by their father to come up with a different way to get noticed by Ellen’s crew. For them, Swing Trading became the way and they started paper trading on a system created by one of their mentors that did not require actual money.

“We started with companies that we already knew like Nike, Microsoft, McDonald’s, and stuff like that, and we just used Yahoo finance which is a free website,” said Kali.

“Well, at first, it was because we were 7 and 9, and it was a little complicated, but as we started practicing and doing more of it, we learned more, and it got easier,” added Spirit.

Now, as middle-schoolers, the brother and sister trade with real money and teach other children and adults all that they’ve learned over the years through Stock Up Kids. The topics include financial literacy and stock trading.

“We’re learning about finance. We’re learning about financial literacy,” said Spirit in an interview with WMAR 2 News. “We’re learning about how to manage our money and how to trade it, of course, so that’s stuff some people don’t even learn as adults…We’re on pace to become millionaires by the time we’re 18.”

As entrepreneurs themselves, their parents, Gary and Calli, know the difficulties that come with running a business and are bursting with pride at the success of their children.

“We’re very proud of them in the way that they carry themselves and share the information,” said Calli. “They really want to give back.”

While Kali has dreams of becoming a professional football player and zoologist in the future, Spirit has plans of becoming a lawyer.

The two also have a YouTube channel where they share the things that they love with their viewers.