This woman is building a village for Black entrepreneurs in Atlanta, GA!

While e-commerce is taking the world by storm, Dr. Key Hallmon is changing the way we view brick and mortar Black-owned businesses.

She is the founder and CEO of The Village Market ATL which was founded in 2016 with a mission to build a community where Black entrepreneurs could thrive.

“I think the blueprint is together,” shared Dr. Key on the latest episode of Black Tech Green Money with host Will Lucas. “I don’t think I’ve created something that hasn’t been done and I will tell you in 2016 I wasn’t up against what we’re all facing right now and that’s being forced to be online.”

Dr. Key explains that prior to the pandemic she was team, “let’s see each other in person” and encouraged those around her to figure out how to use their best gifts.

“My whole thought belief is that you’re more powerful if I join with you and you join with me,” she continued. “Even in this e-commerce space, I think that there are some very unique opportunities for entrepreneurs, artists, and everyone to use their great minds to collaborate.”

For Dr. Key, it’s much more than just the products, but the story behind what brings the business to life.

“There’s a story,” she expressed. “There’s a legacy behind that and there’s also an aspiration to create something that we’ve never seen. The point of entry to me is collaboration.”

Listen to the full episode of Black Tech Green Money below: