Sea moss played a significant role in Alexiou Gibson’s health journey. For nearly four years, he has also been committed to improving others’ lives with his company, The Transformation Factory (TTF). 

During Gibson’s appearance on “Shark Tank” in 2022, he recalled how sea moss aided in his losing 300 pounds, as previously shared by AFROTECH.  Hearing alarming news from a doctor is what moved the founder to use the supplement along with diet and exercise.

“Like most teens, I believed that I was invincible,” Gibson shared on “Shark Tank.” “I thought I would be fine and had time to get healthy later. It wasn’t until my doctor told me that I wouldn’t live to see my 30th birthday that I understood how serious I needed to be about living.”

Gibson’s drastic change in his perspective regarding health was the inception of TTF, which received a $600,000 “Shark Tank” deal from Kevin Hart and Mark Cuban — making it the first-ever sea moss brand featured in the show’s history. 

Photo Credit: The Transformation Factory

Since closing on the deal, TTF has expanded into new territory. On Jan. 15, 2024, the company launched its first-ever gummies, according to a press release shared with AFROTECH. As the sea moss market continues to gradually expand, the goal of the gummy launch is to make it easier for people to incorporate the superfood into their healthy lifestyle.

“With the sea moss industry being a relatively new field, we want to make sure we are meeting the people where they are,” Gibson explained to AFROTECH.

He added, “We have always wanted to build our product offering portfolio but in the right way. …Our gummies provide an easy, convenient and accessible way to integrate sea moss and all its benefits into your life, but personally my favorite aspect is that it is an easy way to give kids their supplements.”

Gibson credits Cuban for steering TTF in the direction of including gummies as a vehicle for the sea moss.

“He knew the gummies would lead the pack and he was 100% correct,” Gibson said. “Gummies are going viral for many health companies and based on the first 12 hours since launch, we can clearly see that today’s consumer and the world want something convenient and easy to eat.”

In addition to product expansion, TTF has seen social media success. The press release details that the company’s TikTok videos have accumulated almost 24 million views. Gibson says that the support stems from leading with authenticity, building a motivational community, and having a quality product.

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“There is also one thing that Kevin Hart told me that has stuck with me till this day — to keep true to myself, my story, my journey. Kevin really emphasized that people are buying me first, and then my product. It has become this subconscious pillar in my personal and professional life to place authenticity above all.”

While TTF has taken a step in product expansion, the ultimate mission is to keep an eye on a much bigger picture.

“I see The Transformation Factory, not just as a brand but a movement,” Gibson described. “A movement dedicated to helping individuals transform their lives and prioritize their well-being. TTF was not built just to sell products; we’re here to educate and empower everyone to take control of their health.”

He continued, “Ultimately, I envision a future where TTF is synonymous with positive transformation, where we’ve touched countless lives, and where our brand is a trusted partner in people’s wellness journeys.”