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This Nigerian Founder Has Raised $1M In Pre-Seed Funding For His Edtech Startup That He Began Building At Age 18

Persevering after a tragic event led this Nigerian founder to build a company from the ground up that fills a gap in the edtech market.

Ngozi Nwanji

Feb 9, 2024

10 Problem-Solving ChatGPT Prompts For Your New Tech Startup Idea

Surviving in the startup world means having a unique and original idea that is well-executed with the help of all available resources. This is not an easy feat. That being said, new technology like ChatGPT is making the planning and ideation stage of creating a startup a bit easier. ChatGPT is an AI chatbot with vast knowledge that can aid in developing startup ideas. However, it works best when provided with a specific prompt relevant to your goals. Before diving into detailed prompts, having a general idea of the technology space or problem you want to tackle is ideal. If you are still exploring potential tech startup concepts in general, you can begin by having ChatGPT generate a list of 10 varied technology startup ideas (or any number you specify). This gives you a starting point to choose a direction to refine further using more targeted prompts. Read on for examples of prompts you can enter into chat gpt to help generate your next tech startup idea. Problem-Solving ChatGPT...

Leah Jones

Jan 5, 2024

Fearless Fund Invests $250K Into Veronica Woodruff's Travel Tech Company Travelsist

Travelsist is where travel and technology collide! The travel tech company — founded by Veronica Woodruff — works to introduce concierge services and the gig economy to the airport ecosystem. Now, to continue in its mission, it can also celebrate as it’s received an investment of $250,000 from the Fearless Fund, the first venture capital fund built strictly by women of color for women of color. “Travelsist is perfectly positioned to capitalize on growing demand for personal on-demand services and the post-COVID air travel rebound,” said General Partner and Co-Founder of Fearless Fund, Arian Simone, in an official press release shared with AfroTech. “We have been amazed by Veronica’s business background and her vision, and Fearless Fund is thrilled to welcome Travelsist to our portfolio.”

Shanique Yates

Jan 25, 2022

Tech Startup Karat Launches Program to Help Black Software Engineers Secure Jobs

Karat — a global world leader in technical interviewing — has just launched a brand-new dedicated program called “Brilliant Black Minds” — an initiative aimed at improving access, fairness, and inclusion across the tech industry. According to a press release, the program — which emphasizes Karat’s commitment to providing Black software engineers with $1 million worth of practice interviews — initially kicked off last year. Since then, it has continued to grow and help support more computer science students and professional engineers in 2021. “Brilliant Black Minds aims to eliminate barriers for software engineers,” Jeffrey Spector, Karat President and co-founder, shared in a statement. “Our goal is to support Black software engineers through the technical interview process so they can advance their careers and achieve their purpose in the world of tech. Tech companies shape the ways we all live, and they need the brilliance and unique perspectives of Black engineers.” It is today’s...

Njera Perkins

Mar 2, 2021

Black-Led Startup Centri Tech Opens Portland, OR Office As it Continues to Revolutionize the Role of Tech in Society

Black-led tech companies are doing their part to shape the digital future, and startup company Centri Tech’s newest launch is continuing that same mission. Centri Tech — a social venture that mobilizes the full potential of tech to help humanity through digital advancement — has announced a launch in Portland, OR, where the company will continue to function as a leader in revolutionizing tech for the advancement of society. According to a press release, this hands-on approach intersects real estate, housing, technology, culture and innovation to help overcome the socio-economic disparities we succumb to. This approach involves three different points of focus for Centri Tech including: A widespread technology policy and practice agenda focused on both public and private sectors A network of like-minded entities from the public sector, technology and corporate industries, philanthropy, as well as the community development and housing sector Digital innovation practices to leverage new...

Njera Perkins

Jan 12, 2021

Founder Chaymeriyia Moncrief Raised $1.05M For Her Startup to Fill the Void in the Consumer Electronics Market

The consumer electronics market is known to be a competitive space, especially for minorities looking to break into the industry. Now Black tech entrepreneurs are taking matters into their own hands to make room for more diversity. According to Black Business, Chaymeriyia Moncrief — founder of consumer electronics startup NSPRE™ — took advantage of the void in the tech market early last year when she launched her Montgomery, AL-based company. Amid the pandemic, her tech startup launched with an aim to give consumers a variety of options for electronic selections. To support the brand’s mission, Moncrief was able to raise $1.05 million from private and angel investors, as well as funding from her previous investors in her first startup — Tesix Wireless. “The focus with our funding is Talent and Retail acquisitions, R&D, and Product Design,” Moncrief shared with Black Business. “We have also moved forward with the opening of our headquarters and in this transition, we need to begin...

Njera Perkins

Jan 5, 2021

Baltimore-Based Startup AfterrHome is Revolutionizing the Home Inspection Industry With AI Tech

This Baltimore-based tech startup wants to continue to revolutionize the home inspection industry. Using artificial intelligence, they are on a mission to help potential buyers and sellers book and facilitate home inspections. According to Black Business , tech company AfterrHome operates on a subscription-based model that anticipates issues that may arise during home inspections by offering an AI assistant that provides timely and cost-effective solutions. The way the startup’s system works is users rely on the AI assistant to recommend inspections based on the neighborhood of the property and the address they supply. From there, AfterrHome provides affordable payment options that take out the stress home inspection costs can bring on. Compared to traditional home inspection companies, AfterrHome offers a reliable system that allows users to not only book their own inspections, but subscribe to preventative care services as well. Additionally, AfterrHome is also providing remote...

Njera Perkins

Oct 27, 2020

Black-Owned Music Tech Startup Indie Wants to Revolutionize the Industry

Far too often do we hear stories of artists and creators having restricted access to valuable opportunities in the entertainment industry on account of gatekeepers and being out of touch with playmakers. In an effort to bridge the gaps between entertainment brands and content creators, this New York City-based tech startup has developed a new app to allow users to monetize their careers. Indie — a music discovery and fan engagement app for independent artists, big-name brands, and listeners — is addressing the opportunity gap that exists in the entertainment industry by creating a way for up-and-coming artists to get more exposure for their work. Indie works to create a user-friendly multidirectional marketplace that adopts the use of content submissions, audience feedback, and brand engagement to cultivate an outlet built specifically to create more opportunities for those who may be overlooked. Indie is designed...

Njera Perkins

Aug 3, 2020

Several MarTech Firms to Give Away Free Services to Black-Founded Startups

Several Marketing-Technology firms have decided to take practical steps toward empowering Black entrepreneurs. Executives from Amplitude, Branch, Braze, mParticle, and Radar have joined forces to offer their technologies free-of-charge to Black-founded businesses that have bootstrapped or raised less than $30 million in VC funding, and employ less than 150 people. Will Crocker, VP, Customer and Partner Marketing at Braze told MarTech Today that mParticle’s CEO Michael Katz reached out to him with the idea in early June 2020. “We wanted to figure out what we could do within our expertise to give back to the larger community,” Crocker told MarTech Today. “Our mission is to create an eco-system that provides technology to empower these Black entrepreneurs, and we just want to level the playing field.” In their announcement on Braze’s website, Myles Kleeger, the President & Chief Customer Officer at Braze said: “Before Braze can make an impact on the world, we have to first start by...

Colleen Williams

Jul 6, 2020

Magic Johnson Joins Board of Directors at Black-Owned Energy Startup Uncharted Power

Business phenom Magic Johnson is adding more big boss energy to his multi-hyphenate career portfolio. According to CNBC , the former Los Angeles Lakers legend will take a seat on the Board of Directors at Uncharted Power , an award-winning renewable energy tech company founded by Jessica O. Matthews in 2011. In his new role, the CEO of Magic Johnson Enterprises will help establish and expand the smart startup’s partnerships and programs in U.S. communities. “Many of America’s urban, multicultural communities are being left behind when it comes to basic human rights such as feeling safe in the community, providing for family, getting an education and, quite literally, keeping the lights on,” Johnson said in a statement. Matthews first discovered her passion for renewable energy after witnessing the issues in Nigeria’s power infrastructure. As a result, Uncharted Power’s aim is to achieve access to cost-effective, clean power networks in underserved areas by creating new energy...

Niki McGloster

Mar 5, 2020