Far too often do we hear stories of artists and creators having restricted access to valuable opportunities in the entertainment industry on account of gatekeepers and being out of touch with playmakers.

In an effort to bridge the gaps between entertainment brands and content creators, this New York City-based tech startup has developed a new app to allow users to monetize their careers.

Indie — a music discovery and fan engagement app for independent artists, big-name brands, and listeners — is addressing the opportunity gap that exists in the entertainment industry by creating a way for up-and-coming artists to get more exposure for their work.


Indie works to create a user-friendly multidirectional marketplace that adopts the use of content submissions, audience feedback, and brand engagement to cultivate an outlet built specifically to create more opportunities for those who may be overlooked.

Indie is designed to appeal to essentially three different groups in the entertainment industry including brand partners, user-curators, and independent artists, according to a press release.

The innovative app brings together the worlds of technology and entertainment in a way that is shifting a change in the industry — one that could very well become a model example for what the future of these industries look like.

With the app, artists and content curators will have a chance to get their work in front of big-name brands, media outlets, and influencers without breaking the bank.

As both an affordable and accessible app that grants increased access, Indie provides a seamless model for creatives in the entertainment industry to build up a solid foundation with a plethora of resources at their disposal.

So far, the app has worked for huge names in the industry such as WorldStar Hip Hop, T-Pain, Eric Bellinger, and HOT 97’s DJ Funk Flex, who has generated over 48,000 submissions and over $1 million in revenue over the last year through Indie, according to a press release.

Whether users are well-known brands, figures, or independent artists working their way up the ranks, Indie is a suitable platform to have the content be both seen and heard by many.

Users can download and start uploading content through the app’s beta here.

For more information on Indie, visit their website.