The consumer electronics market is known to be a competitive space, especially for minorities looking to break into the industry. Now Black tech entrepreneurs are taking matters into their own hands to make room for more diversity.

According to Black Business, Chaymeriyia Moncrief — founder of consumer electronics startup NSPRE™ — took advantage of the void in the tech market early last year when she launched her Montgomery, AL-based company.

Amid the pandemic, her tech startup launched with an aim to give consumers a variety of options for electronic selections. To support the brand’s mission, Moncrief was able to raise $1.05 million from private and angel investors, as well as funding from her previous investors in her first startup — Tesix Wireless.

“The focus with our funding is Talent and Retail acquisitions, R&D, and Product Design,” Moncrief shared with Black Business. “We have also moved forward with the opening of our headquarters and in this transition, we need to begin building our team and setting the foundation for our brand’s culture. Over the next year growing our customer base, building credibility, and developing partnerships will play key roles in NSPRE’s growth.”

As she’s reportedly the first and only Black woman to lead a telecom wireless carrier company — which is now valued at $10 million — Moncrief has been able to turn her passion for technology into a career-objective that has broken barriers in the industry.

“Since 7-years old, I’ve been fascinated with tech and gadgets. I use to take things apart at home — everything from remote controls, the radio, and even the home computer,” she told Black Business. “When I successfully put them back together, and it actually worked again, I fell in love with the simple and complex process every time. I loved that it challenged me, especially when I knew I’d be in trouble if it didn’t work.”

Moncrief transferred her success from leading Tesix Wireless to NSPRE™ Electronics, which she describes as a “10-year long dream,” according to Yahoo Sports.

Black Business shares that she also credits her decade long dream to her fearless segway into the tech space that has made history.

With five original products under the brand, Moncrief predicts that the company will be expanding into other tech areas such as security, home electronics, and IoT, Black Business reports.

For more about the NSPRE™ brand, visit its website.