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Starbucks' First Minority CEO Laxman Narasimhan Shares A Few Key Ingredients To His Recipe For Success

Some would argue that how a person starts the day is a critical process for overall productivity. Whether it’s a gym routine or roasting your favorite coffee blend, the morning typically sets the tone for how people kick off their day. Starbucks’ new CEO Laxman Narasimhan begins his busy days by delaying his morning brew and opting instead to start with a moment of reflection through meditation. Narasimhan’s future plans for the global coffee brand include more than his approach to each day. He intends to fully immerse himself in the organization’s inner workings to “earn his green apron.”

Apr 25, 2023

How Vin Baker Went From NBA Player To Starbucks Apron And Still Recovered After Losing Millions

Modern media has given the world several vantage points into the struggle of substance abuse. Whether fictional or rooted in reality, the impacts of drug and alcohol misuse are no laughing matter. For many, the consequences of such a struggle meant the termination of relationships and jobs, the loss of money, and, unfortunately, the loss of life. However, not all stories that involve substance abuse end in defeat. Several people, with proper support and strategy, can recover and live healthy and prosperous lives. Milwaukee Bucks assistant coach Vin Baker is an example of a person who triumphed over his struggles, overcoming considerable losses and relational distress.

Dec 22, 2022

Why Shaquille O'Neal Turned Down A Deal With Starbucks That Magic Johnson Says 'Changed Everything'

Shaquille O’Neal once turned down what later became a lucrative deal for someone else.

Oct 24, 2022

Starbucks Offers Virtual Volunteer Events For Consumers Just Ahead Of MLK Day

Starbucks has broadened its equity and inclusion efforts just ahead of MLK Day. As a part of its latest initiative to support more Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC), the renowned coffee company has created a way for Starbucks partners, both employees and customers, to honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. just ahead of Monday’s holiday. The efforts further Dr. King’s commitment to both service and belonging. Kicking off on Monday, Jan. 17, Starbucks will provide three virtual volunteer opportunities with organizations that include Junior Achievement, MENTOR, and City Year. All three nonprofits are also recipients of The Starbucks Foundation Grants that were launched to support BIPOC youth.

Jan 16, 2022

Former Starbucks Executive Woeleta Ayele Becomes CTO For sweetgreen

Fast-food selling salad chain sweetgreen values providing real food to communities. After over a decade in the business, they are hoping to propel restaurant operations with the help of Woeleta Ayele, who served 16 years as a Starbucks executive, according to a press release. “Sweetgreen is a truly innovative company that is paving the way for a healthier future. The way that they approach the intersection of food and tech is unlike any other restaurant brand out there,” shares Woeleta in a press statement. “I’m excited and grateful to be joining the sweetgreen team as they lead the charge of changing the fast food industry for years to come.” Woeleta began her new position on Aug. 17 — replacing Paul Horvath. As Chief Technology Officer, she will scout promising talent, and revamp digital platforms to advance sweetgreen’s supply chain model. The company’s hope is that she will help cultivate the continuous effort of the chain to create a unified experience with technology and...

Aug 24, 2021

Starbucks Appoints Dennis Brockman As Its Global Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer

Dennis Brockman has been appointed as the global chief inclusion and diversity officer for Starbucks. According to a press release, Brockman is a 13-year partner (employee) and most recently the Midwest regional vice president. Since December, Brockman has served as the interim chief inclusion and diversity officer. With the new appointment, he will continue to report to CEO Kevin Johnson in his new role. “For all of us at Starbucks, each day we must reaffirm our responsibility to one another — to care for each other, to strengthen our communities, and to ensure diverse perspectives are represented at the company’s highest levels,” said Johnson in a news release. “We have committed to do so with intention, with transparency, and with accountability.” In his new role, Brockman will be responsible for building a culture of Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) leadership excellence and accountability, and amplifying and operationalizing I&D within the U.S. business. “Dennis, this promotion is...

Mar 5, 2021

Starbucks Exec Roz Brewer to Join Walgreens As Its New CEO

Walgreens joins various companies in its latest effort to diversify their board. Starbucks Corp. operating chief Roz Brewer is set to be named Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc.’s new chief executive officer, according to inside sources, reports The Wall Street Journal. Once set in stone, the new appointment will reportedly make Brewer the only Black female leading a Fortune 500 company today. Brewer will replace CEO Stefano Pessina who mentioned that he would step down as the drugstore company’s CEO once they found a new leader. As regulators, investors and activists continue to push for more diversity in Corporate America, Brewer’s appointment comes just on the heels of Nasdaq’s prediction that proposed changes will continue to push for greater gender and racial diversity on the boards of publicly-traded companies listed on its exchange. Upon joining Starbucks’ board in 2017, Brewer became its chief operating officer later that year after she served as CEO of Sam’s Club, owned by...

Jan 27, 2021

Starbucks Announces $100M Community Resilience to Support the Black Community

Starbucks has come a long way! In a recent announcement, the company announced its commitment to promote racial and social equity through new initiatives which include a $100 million investment to support small business and community development projects in BIPOC neighborhoods across the U.S. The new initiative will advance racial equity and environmental resilience by investing in impact-focused financial institutions which include Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) who currently support communities with limited access to capital, according a press release. Starbucks will partner with experts like the Opportunity Finance Network to allocate funds to institutions that support borrowers by providing access not only to capital but technical assistance and ongoing mentoring. “Starbucks has always been a company focused on caring for our partners, creating experiences for our customers, and playing a positive role in our communities and throughout society,” said...

Jan 15, 2021

Starbucks Appoints Mellody Hobson As Board Chair, the First Black Woman In the Role

Here’s something to raise your coffee cups to! Starbucks just named Mellody Hobson as the new chair of its board of directors, making her the first Black woman to hold the role at the company, reports CNN Business. Hobson is currently the co-CEO of Ariel Investments, an asset management firm, and will step into her new position this forthcoming March. Since 2005, she has been a director at the company and will now replace Myron E. Ullman, III who has been the chair since 2018. Hobson has been among the many who’ve called for companies to put action behind increasing diversity among their leaders. “Companies right now have to get their houses in order,” she said during an appearance on “CBS This Morning” in June. “The board of directors have to hold the leaders of these organizations accountable around these issues of diversity.” As a woman that wears many hats, Hobson is also a director of JPMorgan Chase and previously held positions as a director of Estée Lauder, and was the chair...

Dec 10, 2020