Fast-food selling salad chain sweetgreen values providing real food to communities. After over a decade in the business, they are hoping to propel restaurant operations with the help of Woeleta Ayele, who served 16 years as a Starbucks executive, according to a press release.


“Sweetgreen is a truly innovative company that is paving the way for a healthier future. The way that they approach the intersection of food and tech is unlike any other restaurant brand out there,” shares Woeleta in a press statement. “I’m excited and grateful to be joining the sweetgreen team as they lead the charge of changing the fast food industry for years to come.”


Woeleta began her new position on Aug. 17 — replacing Paul Horvath. As Chief Technology Officer, she will scout promising talent, and revamp digital platforms to advance sweetgreen’s supply chain model. The company’s hope is that she will help cultivate the continuous effort of the chain to create a unified experience with technology and business.


“As we continue to scale and think about what the future of fast food will look like, the technology powering sweetgreen plays an integral part in creating efficiencies and providing our guests with the best experience possible,” CEO and co-founder of sweetgreen, Jonathan Neman shared in a press statement, according to bizwoman. “Wouleta has the experience, savviness, and leadership to help us make that vision a reality. We look forward to welcoming her to the team.”


With her seasoned background of over 25 years of experience working for Hyundai, Coca-Cola Company, and Attachmate, Woeleta’s forward-thinking and specialties will accomplish sweetgreen’s goal of blending business and technology to enhance business performance.

Appointing Woeleta is a smart move and one of its latest power moves as the company positions itself to become a prominent component for customer satisfaction with the help of technology. The company also recently made headlines for partnering with Naomi Osaka — making her both the first national athlete ambassador for the company and its youngest investor.

Congratulations are in order for both women!