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Report: YouTube Execs Ignored Employee Warnings About Toxic Content

Over the past few months, YouTube has come under increased scrutiny regarding its tendency to allow toxic content to flourish on its platform. Now, a report by Bloomberg has revealed YouTube executives ignored the warnings of their own employees. More than 20 former and current YouTube staffers said that employees proposed ways to stop the spread of toxic videos — including those with extremist content and conspiracy theories — but were ignored. Privacy engineer Yonatan Zunger proposed a third tier which would allow videos that were “close to the line” of being removed to remain up. The difference is they would not be recommended. That proposal was rejected by YouTube in 2016. “I can say with a lot of confidence that they were deeply wrong,” Zunger told Bloomberg. Rather than solve content issues, employees told Bloomberg that executives were focused on engagement. The company had an internal goal of 1 billion hours of views a day. A former staffer told Bloomberg that YouTube CEO...

Apr 4, 2019