Earlier this year, Spotify announced plans to host live audio conversations on its digital platform. Well that day is finally here, so say hello to the Spotify Greenroom app.

After acquiring Black-led app Betty Labs — also the creators of sports-focused audio app Locker Room — Spotify shared its grand plan that included creating the “future formats of audio.” Today, the streaming giant is marking its official move into the digital audio future by introducing what could become a Clubhouse rival.

According to TechCrunch, the Spotify Greenroom app itself is based on Locker Room’s existing code, so current users of the latter platform will soon see their app update to reflect the newly-rebranded and redesigned Greenroom experience. Current Spotify users can join the new app using their existing login in order to be onboarded onto the audio platform.

For the time being, Spotify tells TechCrunch that the new app is a part of its plan to “leverage Spotify’s personalization technology to better connect users to content they would want to hear.” Additionally, the new audio app seems to also be borrowing a similar design to Clubhouse’s setup in which speakers of a room appear at the top in larger, round profile icons, while listeners are positioned at the bottom as smaller icons.

Other similar features include mute options, moderation controls and the ability to bring listeners on stage with other speakers. Spotify Greenrooms can currently host up to 1,000 people, but that number is likely to scale up later on.

While Clubhouse became a social phenomenon at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine, the future of Spotify Greenroom remains uncertain. Now that state restrictions are officially being lifted, social media users may be less attached to their technology in the summer months as they take advantage of being free to socialize outdoors and in-person again. Nonetheless, Spotify is optimistic that their latest offering will still lead in the future of audio listening and chatting.

“The Greenroom offering will continue to evolve as we learn more about what creators and listeners want from their live audio experience,” the company shared in a blog post. “We’ll also bring exciting new programming to the platform spanning music, culture, and entertainment topics in addition to the sports content Locker Room has been known for.”

The launch of Spotify Greenroom also includes a creator fund to support influential users on the app and fuel more new content in the near future.

Looking ahead, Spotify is also planning to rollout new content programming and product features later this summer.

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