The downside to social media, based on feedback from users, has most times been the lack of inclusion and amplification of diverse voices and faces on popular platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and more.

On behalf of social media apps, image-sharing platform Pinterest has announced a new content policy that intends to embrace users of all kinds and grow the app to ensure it becomes a more “inclusive, positive and inspiring place,” TechCrunch reports.

The outlet shares that Pinterest has formed a $500,000 Creator Fund — which is described as a new content policy called the Creator Code — and announced a slate of new moderation tools to enforce content guidelines that will require its pool of over 450 million Pinterest creators to fact-check their content, practice inclusivity, and ensure any call to action shared on the app will not cause harm to others.

The newly-announced fund will specifically focus on uplifting creators from underrepresented communities across the U.S. and offer a combination of creative strategy consulting as well as compensate them for content creation and ad credits.

The fund has also committed to giving creators $500,000 in cash and media throughout the rest of the year.

“For the first participants of the program, we worked with eight emerging creators across fashion, photography, food and travel, and will be identifying 10 more creators in the next few months for the next cohort,” Creator Inclusion Lead Alexandra Nikolajev told TechCrunch. “We’re on a journey to build a globally inclusive platform where Pinners and Creators around the world can discover ideas that feel personalized, relevant and reflective of who they are.”

The app’s new policy is placing a heightened focus on creating safer spaces online and building a community that prioritizes compassion and inclusion.

“We’ve been building Pinterest for 11 years, and ever since our users routinely tell us that Pinterest is the ‘last positive corner of the internet’. In that time, we’ve also learned that you need to design positivity into online platforms as deliberately as much as you design negativity out,” Evan Sharp — Co-Founder, Chief Design and Creative Officer at Pinterest — shared in an official statement. “The Creator Code is a human-centric way for Creators to understand how to be successful on Pinterest while using their voice to keep Pinterest positive and inclusive.”

According to TechCrunch, the new policy will be enforced similar to the way the platform already applies content rules — through a combination of machine learning and human review, Pinterest tells the outlet.

Additionally, the app’s algorithm will be tailored to both reward positive content and block harmful content to transform the way ideas, images, and sentiments are shared on Pinterest.

The Creator Code has not been rolled out on the platform yet, but Pinterest reports that it will become available to creators to sign and adopt in the coming weeks.

For more information about Pinterest’s new policy, click here.