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17 Unique Interview Questions To Ask An Employer

Interviewers evaluate candidates for a job based on much more than just an answer to a question. Aside from experience and qualifications, they usually seek someone with good communication skills, professionalism, respect, interest in the position, and more. This means that showing interest in the conversation with the interviewer or being engaged in the information they give is important. A good way to display this is by asking unique interview questions. Before delving into the questions , remember that it’s probably for the best if you don’t overthink the interview process. Although staying calm may be hard , it is still necessary. These unique interview questions will help you make a better impression , but even beyond impressing an employer, questions like these help a candidate gain valuable insight into the company culture, expectations, opportunities and more. Unique Interview Questions To Ask an Employer 1. “What’s a recent project that has excited or challenged your team?”...

Leah Jones

Feb 12, 2024

Questions To Ask At The End Of An Interview To Help You Secure The Job

The final part of an interview usually entails the interviewer asking the candidate if they have any questions about the job or pertaining to the company . Many people may see this as marking the end of an interview, but the employer/recruiter is most likely using the answer to this question as another factor in determining whether the candidate is right for the job . This is most likely because the interviewer wants to determine the candidate’s interest in the job/company or their attention to detail. On the other hand, asking questions as a job candidate is important in determining whether a future can be seen with an employer. Asking any random or irrelevant question for the sake of doing so will not be beneficial. Try asking questions that pertain to specific aspects of the company/employer or aspects of it that will affect the desired position. Career strategist John Lees and author of How to Get a Job You Love recommends personalizing these questions for the specific role....

Leah Jones

Jan 5, 2024

Steph Curry Shares With Us The Keys To His $160M Wealth & How He's Helping Black Youth Do The Same

Let’s face it, being a professional athlete can make you a lot of money, but it’s the moves you make off the court that will have you set for life. These days, we’re seeing more and more athletes making smarter financial decisions after watching the unfortunate mistakes made by a lot of the greats that came before them. However, while it’s great to make smart financial investments for the future of you and your family, what good is it if you don’t use your privilege to reach back and pay it forward for others who may not be in the same fortunate position that you’re in? Steph Curry is a 4× NBA champion, 8× NBA All-Star, and was voted the league’s Most Valuable Player twice. He’s arguably one of the best basketball players of our generation — especially when it comes to draining shots from the three-point line.  When he’s not leading the Golden State Warriors to the NBA Finals in hopes of clutching another championship title or being a loving husband and proud father of three, he’s...

Stephanie Ogbogu

Aug 8, 2022

How A Husband-And-Wife Team Turned EBkicks Into A Successful Company

If you’re a sneakerhead, EBkicks isn’t just a luxury — it’s a requirement. Made of all-natural and biodegradable materials, EBkicks — helmed by the husband-and-wife team of Kenny and Elin Berbick — is safe for all shoe materials. The Las Vegas-based duo has achieved exponential success as a family-centered lifestyle brand. As life and business partners, Elin and Kenny Berbick, pride themselves on being the original sneakerheads. The duo’s passion for sneakers inspired them to put their hard-earned money to develop low-cost top-tier biodegradable sneaker cleaning products. EB and Kenny have even become influencers in their own right with over 180,000 followers on Instagram and over 365,000 followers on TikTok, amassing nearly 5 million likes on the latter platform. What’s more, the solution can keep your expensive shoes lasting a lot longer — and looking a lot better in the process. The product was also recently featured in GQ, when popular sneaker influencers Miguel and Grace...

Two Brothers Create Sneaker NFTs Years After Quebec Court Of Appeal Sides With eBay In Case Of $98K Nikes

Canadian brothers Kevin and Thierry Mofo’s brand Soles of Justice is launching their first NFT sneaker minted on the Ethereum blockchain tied to high-end physical footwear. After Quebec’s Court of Appeal ruled in favor of eBay in 2012 to cancel the sale of their Nike Air Foamposite One Galaxy shoes that stood to earn $98,000 — Kevin and Thierry are now on a mission to raise awareness of user agreement policies on platforms. Soles of Justice is an initiative meant to ensure that digital creators, startups, and innovators are not stifled by the scale of eCommerce and Big Tech and spark conversations around its control over the digital ecosystems and infrastructures that now underpin our lives. The NFT sneaker can be redeemed for an identical pair of Nike Air Foamposite One Galaxy in size 10 purchased by Thierry, who lined up at a Montreal shoe store and waited 30 hours to buy the coveted sneakers. The brand hopes to release its first NFT collection authenticated with real-life limited...

Exclusive: Ryan Leslie Says He Has An 'Elite' Plan To Help You Become A Millionaire Within One Year

For Ryan Leslie, being a millionaire seems to come easy. After all, this is the man whose career was launched into the stratosphere when he worked on various Bad Boy Records projects while attending Harvard University. Remember Cassie’s “Me + You”? That was a Ryan Leslie creation. But, as he previously told Complex Magazine, he really started making his bones when he got a mentor to teach him the ropes about investing. “I remember a conversation I had with my mentor,” he said. “I said, ‘Hey look, man. I took your advice and man, $100,000 to $350,000. I’mma cash out and get something nice for my mom.’ And he gave me the ultimatum at that time– he said, ‘Ryan, listen. You can go ahead and cash out, give something nice to your mom. We’ll shake hands and I’ll never teach you anything again. Or, you figure out a different way to give something nice to your mom and hold onto that investment, and we’ll check in every single year around tax time and we’ll see what it grow[s] to.’ And when...

New Rory & Mal: Who Would've Thought Podcasting Would Make It This Far?

In less than a year, Rory Farrell and Jamil ‘MAL’ Clay have gone from being supporting acts on the popular Joe Budden Podcast to carving out their own lane in the digital space and securing a $10 million bag. If there’s ever been a better example of the saying “what’s for you is for you,” the success of the New Rory & Mal podcast would be it. On November 2, the New Rory & Mal podcast made its debut on Stitcher’s More Sauce label just months after a public, yet messy, split from their previous platform. AfroTech got the chance to speak with the duo about their new Stitcher deal, life post-JBP, and how other aspiring podcasters can get turn a hobby into a lucrative business. When Rory & Mal began their podcast journey roughly six years ago, they had no idea it could transform into a career. It wasn’t until they sat with the late Combat Jack, who is credited for spearheading the hip hop podcast industry, that they realized its potential. “[At first, podcasting] was just some fun thing...

Stephanie Ogbogu

Nov 22, 2021

How HUNGRY Went From A Concept To A Disruptive Food Revolution With Backers Like Jay-Z And Kevin Hart

HUNGRY first got a taste of the spotlight back in March 2020, at the start of what was supposed to be just a few weeks of a lockdown. At that time, the app got celebrity investors in the form of Jay-Z, several NFL players and comedian Kevin Hart in their Series B funding, which ultimately raised $20 million. But the looming threat of the pandemic weighed heavily on the founders’ minds. “Starting a business, in and of itself, is a daunting prospect,” co-CEO Shy Pahlevani told AfroTech. “But now, imagine starting a business — in the food service industry — at the start of the pandemic. We knew we were taking a gamble. But it’s a gamble we were willing to take, and it was one that paid off in the end.” The HUNGRY app works sort of the way Tinder does, in that it matches professional chefs with catering jobs. And the Series B funding wasn’t the first time that Hova’s Marcy Ventures Fund invested in the business — as AfroTech previously reported, the venture fund participated in the...

Tabitha Brown Went Against Her Agent's Advice By Turning The Camera On Herself — And Became Everybody's Business

When Tabitha Brown asked the Most High for guidance about the direction for a potential acting career, she was surprised at the answer. The “mompreneur” and social media superstar had been trying for years to “make it” as an actress, and had some nominal success — but her agent had advised her against turning the camera on herself. “I wanted to be taken seriously as an actress,” she told AfroTech exclusively. “So, I listened to my agent when she said not to record things for YouTube, for Instagram, for any social media. I wanted to do stand-up — I wanted a TV show — and, honestly, I just felt stuck. So, I prayed about it, and I said to God, ‘I will do whatever you want me to do.’ Then, my daughter told me about this thing called TikTok. She said, ‘Mama, why don’t you start doing some videos?'” This was in March 2020 — the beginning of what would be known as “quarantine” to stop the spread of COVID-19. So, against her agent’s advice, Tabitha Brown turned the camera onto herself —...

7 Bossed Up Lessons We Learned From Rick Ross (And How They'll Improve Your Hustle)

Being a boss is no easy task, so who better to get tips from than rapper and multi-hyphenate businessman, Rick Ross ? On September 7, Rick Ross answers all of your entrepreneurial questions in his new book, The Perfect Day To Boss Up: A Hustler’s Guide To Building Your Empire . With writer and former XXL Magazine editor Neil Martinez-Belkin on the assist, Rozay discusses how he was forced to pivot his business strategies during the pandemic, the importance of having a solid team, and drops nothing but gems for those who have their own business, are thinking about starting a business, or just need a little motivation to get them going. AfroTech not only got the opportunity to preview the book early, but we also got the chance to speak to the Biggest Boss himself. Check out just a few of the many major keys we walked away with.  

Stephanie Ogbogu

Sep 1, 2021

Founders Of The Relief App Look To Usher In A New Era Of Debt 'Relief'

When the Relief app announced that it had received $2 million in seed funding via a press release, people beleaguered with the burden of credit card debt breathed a sigh of relief. Led by Collaborative Ventures with participation from such prestigious investors as Brand Foundry Ventures, Interplay Ventures, Necessary Ventures, and The Fund, as well as backing from notable angel investors including Twitch founder Justin Kan, Elliot Tebele, and Ben Kaplan of Jerry Media, the Relief app is poised to usher in a new era of debt, well, relief . For co-founder Jason Saltzman, however, the focus is not necessarily on the debt relief itself, but on creating a holistic environment that benefits all users. “I consider myself a social impact entrepreneur who is deeply motivated to help as many people as I can,” he told AfroTech. “I am an adjunct professor at FIU in Miami where I also sit on the foundational board of directors as the Vice-Chair of Enterprise Growth. My latest venture, Relief, is...

These Founders Are Using A 3D Printing Process To Digitally Craft Glasses For Black People

When REFRAMD founders Ackeem Ngwenya and Shariff Vreugd needed a pair of glasses for themselves, they were faced with an issue that’s common for most Black men and women: no matter which frames they tried on, nothing fit their face. “That experience made me feel unvaluable, and not ‘seen,’ ” he told AfroTech. “I thought about it some and realized that I wasn’t alone in this experience. Many glasses are made for those with European features — features that I clearly don’t have — so either I had to settle for ill-fitting products, or I had to come up with a solution.” The solution, Ngwenya said, was to team up with Vreugd and create REFRAMD, which digitally scans your face to create glasses that are custom-made just for your features. Using algorithms and facial recognition technology, the program then makes glasses that are customized specifically for you. All you have to do is then choose the color, lens, and design. Photo Credit: REFRAMD Though the initial technology is in its beta...

The Top 7 Traits In 2019 That Will Actually Get You Hired In The Tech Industry

When preparing for an interview, writing a cover letter, or refurbishing your resume, it is not easy to stand out. Nowadays, you have to try extra hard and do your research on the type of language you should use to make a great impression in the world of tech. Over the years, the Tech Connection team has spoken to many employers and HR professionals and have gathered some key traits companies look for when assessing candidates. 1.Do your values and goals align with the company you’re applying to? Companies want to hire candidates who will not just thrive in their work environment but add value to the office. Before even applying to the job, go to the company’s website and read the About Us, Mission, and Meet The Team sections to see if you identify with their mission and company values. Always make sure the company matches your interest. If you are not interested in the company’s mission, most hiring managers can tell. However, when you do find a company that matches your interest,...

Tech Connection

Jan 15, 2019

Support Systems Are Key To Your Success: An Interview With Squire Co-Founder Dave Salvant

In this interview for OF10podcast , a podcast focusing on prominent minorities in the tech industry, host Will Lucas and entrepreneur Dave Salvant discuss never giving up on your dream. Dave Salvant is co-founder of Squire , an app that enhances the barbershop experience for both customers and barbers – allowing people to book and pay for cuts at the push of a button. I originally met Dave when we were shooting an episode for Puff Daddy’s REVOLT TV channel in New York. I found him to be incredibly inspiring. He’s a Y Combinator alum , and dropped out of his MBA program at Wisconsin-Madison to found Squire. I caught up with him to talk about Squire, his path to creating the company, and why its so important to stay the course. Note: This portion of the interview is derived from the audio interview heard on the OF10podcast with Will Lucas . To hear the podcast, subscribe in iTunes , Google Play, or wherever you get your podcasts. This interview has been edited for length. Will Lucas:...

Will Lucas

Sep 5, 2018