When preparing for an interview, writing a cover letter, or refurbishing your resume, it is not easy to stand out. Nowadays, you have to try extra hard and do your research on the type of language you should use to make a great impression in the world of tech.

Over the years, the Tech Connection team has spoken to many employers and HR professionals and have gathered some key traits companies look for when assessing candidates.

1.Do your values and goals align with the company you’re applying to?

Companies want to hire candidates who will not just thrive in their work environment but add value to the office. Before even applying to the job, go to the company’s website and read the About Us, Mission, and Meet The Team sections to see if you identify with their mission and company values. Always make sure the company matches your interest. If you are not interested in the company’s mission, most hiring managers can tell. However, when you do find a company that matches your interest, make sure to study their website and their mission extensively, which will increase the higher probability of highlighting why you would be a cultural fit. Additionally, please take a look through your resume and find ways to connect the company’s mission or goal to your own past experiences and talk about it during the interview. Companies need you.

2. Are you enthusiastic?

Employers stated in 2018 that they were looking for enthusiastic candidates who are interviewing with a company. You must show passion and excitement about the company during an interview. Make sure you apply to companies that get you excited, whether it be their mission or their work environment. Fake enthusiasm can be seen through and will not help you during your interview. By using quick meditation tactics and being well prepared, you will feel more confident and ready for your interview.

3. Are you open-minded?

Another trait employers were looking for was being open-minded whether it be your work environment, co-workers’ ideas, or alternative thinking. If you show a potential employer that you are open-minded, you are illustrating your adaptability, flexibility, and teamwork. An excellent way to showcase this to a potential employer is by highlighting an experience where you adapted to a unique situation to solve a problem. Also, if the employer asks you “Are you willing to be open to new ideas when needed to make the company thrive?” The answer should be “yes”

4. Are you willing to be flexible?

Flexibility for employers usually means someone who can respond well to quick changes or tackling a task that is typical of your role or routine. If you are in an interview, try to give an example of a success story that showcases your flexibility. An excellent example of this would be working overtime to help a co-worker with a task or taking time to learn new software that helped your previous company thrive. Employers are more likely to hire you if you are flexible in your work approach because it shows that you are reliable and a quick thinker.

5. Are you willing to go the extra mile?

In today’s workforce, candidates must be willing to put in the extra work to stand out. When preparing for an interview, be sure that you are ready for this question: “What is an example of how you went above and beyond in your last position?” It would be best if you had an example that shows that you are willing to put in extra work that will be beneficial to the company in any way.

6. Are you a self-starter?

In an employer’s eyes, an employee who is a self-starter is ambitious and self-sufficient. They are looking for candidates who do not need much help in starting a new project or just being productive without the employer’s support. Employers value someone who can take the initiative into their own hands, especially if they have many days where they are busy at meetings and not always available to help their employees with essential tasks.

7.  Can you hit the ground running?

When employers say, they want an employee that can “hit the ground running,” which means they want an employee to be quick and efficient at work right away without too much hassle. That does not mean you can never ask for help. If you do get the job, it is normal to be a bit confused about how things work, especially in the first week. To “hit the ground running” does not necessarily mean knowing how to do your job perfectly on the very first day, but know the resources you can use when you are unsure of a specific task or protocol for an assignment. Before your first day, make sure you look over your job description and the website of your organization to feel more confident on what kind of work you will be doing. When at the office, if you are unsure of a task, ask your manager or co-worker (whoever seems more available at the time). Also, it could be a good idea to create a list for yourself on what tasks are easy and what tasks you are having issues with, so you can work on the stuff that you are not so great at on your free time. Employers want an employee they do not have to constantly train and has had enough experience to be confident to start the role.

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