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Roddy Ricch's Single 'The Box' Cleared Of All Copyright Allegations — What This Could Mean For Up-And-Coming Musicians and Recording Labels

Roddy Ricch, whose given name is Roderick Wayne Jr., has emerged victorious in a two-year legal battle surrounding his chart-topping hit song, “The Box.”

Michelle Burk

Feb 20, 2024

Nas, Steve Stoute, Ben Horowitz, And More Join To Award $500K To Hip-Hop 'Contributors Who Didn’t Get What They Deserved'

It’s one thing to put the spotlight on Hip-Hop culture, but it’s another to properly give its pioneers their dues. Nas, Steve Stoute, Andreessen Horowitz co-founder Ben Horowitz, and his wife, Felicia Horowitz, have joined forces to not only pay homage to Hip-Hop greats but also provide financial support. The group is behind the first-ever Hip Hop Grandmaster Awards, which is set to honor artists Rakim and Scarface, according to The Paid in Full Foundation’s website. Of the event’s proceeds, 100% w ill go to the foundation’s programs “ to support hip hop greats and other creatives.”

Ngozi Nwanji

Oct 23, 2023

Michelle Williams Joins And LL Cool J's Rock The Bells To Advocate For Mental Health

As a driver of culture, Hip-Hop has the power to shift the conversation and bring attention to important causes. Ahead of the curve, Rock The Bells, founded by LL COOL J, has teamed up with to champion voices within the Hip-Hop space and disrupt stigmas surrounding mental health.

Samantha Dorisca

Jun 24, 2022

Tyler, the Creator Earns $32.6M In Ticket Sales With The Highest-Grossing Hip-Hop Tour Post-Pandemic, Report Says

Tyler, the Creator is a part of a handful of artists who have stayed true to themselves during their entire careers. And, while reaching for stardom is a quest for many in the industry, the eclectic rapper’s rise to fame is one that came organically. His loyal fanbase has kept him thriving as he has two platinum albums and two Grammys, just to name a few achievements to his name.

Ngozi Nwanji

Apr 22, 2022

Happy Birthday Hip-Hop: How The Evolution Of The Culture Birthed Musical Tech Innovations

Aug. 11, 1973 will forever go down in history as the day that Hip-Hop was born–and it all started with a “back to school jam” at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue in the Bronx. With nothing but a pair of speakers, two turntables and a crate of banging records, founding father Clive Campbell — better known as DJ Kool Herc — helped create a historical moment that singlehandedly produced the culture-shifting genre the world has grown to love today. Credit: Public Domain Every year Hip-Hop fans gather round, both on and offline, to revel the genre’s history and teach kids today about where it all started. Even Google commemorated Hip-Hop’s holiday back in 2017 with a drawing that explained its origin story. The first-of-its-kind Doodle also featured a custom design by graffiti artist Cey Adams, plus interactive turntables for users to mix samples from some of Hip Hop’s most legendary tracks. They even had industry icon Fab 5 Freddy narrate the whole experience which you can view below. Hip-Hop has...

Njera Perkins

Aug 11, 2021

Soulja Boy Joins The Latest Wave Of Rappers To Launch His Own Cannabis Brand

Soulja Boy may not be the first rapper to break into the cannabis industry, but he is the latest Hip-Hop artist to cash in on the business. According to a press release, Soulja Boy is launching his own cannabis brand called Soulja Exotics™ with a line of medicinal-quality marijuana in partnership with Grizzly Peak™. The rapper’s brand of marijuana will be distributed exclusively in legal cannabis dispensaries throughout California. For many rappers, the cannabis industry has become a new avenue of revenue that’s getting them more involved in the business. While people like Jay-Z, Wiz Khalifa and others making moves on behalf of Hip-Hop and Black and brown people, Soulja Boy is forging his own path to better connect with fellow smokers. “For years, I’ve been looking for a premium cannabis company to bring my product to market,” Soulja Boy said in a statement. “Grizzly Peak grows their medicinal quality cannabis indoors in coco fiber giving it a smooth inhale and exhale. I have so...

Njera Perkins

Jul 30, 2021

Universal Hip Hop Museum Auctions Off Hip Hop Heads NFT Series To Honor 47 Years Of The Culture

Hip-Hop is diving headfirst into the non-fungible token (NFT) space with its very own collection to honor 47 years of the culture. On June 19, the Universal Hip Hop Museum in the Bronx — in partnership with blockchain platform NEAR Protocol and celebrated illustrator André LeRoy Davis — debuted a special collection of NFTs in which Hip-Hop fans are now able to own a piece of the genre’s history, a press release states. The goal of the new collection is to both honor years of Hip-Hop’s rich music culture that has given artists a space to be creative and also champion ownership of their intellectual property through cutting-edge decentralized blockchain and NFT technologies. “NFTs bring a unique opportunity to honor Hip Hop icons as well as offer artists more control of their creations” Peter DePaulo — head of NEAR’s product lab, Satori — said in a statement. “Our goal is to offer a familiar, smooth onboarding and purchasing experience unlike what’s required at NFT marketplaces built...

Njera Perkins

Jun 21, 2021