Soulja Boy may not be the first rapper to break into the cannabis industry, but he is the latest Hip-Hop artist to cash in on the business.

According to a press release, Soulja Boy is launching his own cannabis brand called Soulja Exotics™ with a line of medicinal-quality marijuana in partnership with Grizzly Peak™. The rapper’s brand of marijuana will be distributed exclusively in legal cannabis dispensaries throughout California.

For many rappers, the cannabis industry has become a new avenue of revenue that’s getting them more involved in the business. While people like Jay-Z, Wiz Khalifa and others making moves on behalf of Hip-Hop and Black and brown people, Soulja Boy is forging his own path to better connect with fellow smokers.

“For years, I’ve been looking for a premium cannabis company to bring my product to market,” Soulja Boy said in a statement. “Grizzly Peak grows their medicinal quality cannabis indoors in coco fiber giving it a smooth inhale and exhale. I have so much going on in my head, I use weed to help me relax and function better so I can focus on my music, videos and other entertainment businesses.”

“After trying many of their products, I was convinced that these guys are top growers who can consistently deliver the type of high I have been looking for,” he continued. “It was easy for me to decide to launch my exclusive, limited quantities of my weed products in collab with Grizzly Peak.”

Grizzly Peak is equally excited to kick-off its partnership with Soulja Boy, as his knowledge and influence in the culture could be a valuable asset to the company.

“We are excited about our collab and this limited quantity drop with Soulja Boy and are already in development of other exclusive and innovative cannabis products that meet his needs and the smokers he connects with,” Grizzly Peak co-founder Matt Yamashita said in a statement. “Our relationship with Soulja Boy is part of our bigger strategy to connect with smokers through their interests and lifestyle.”

Starting next week, Soulja Exotics will be releasing its fist indica strain with Grizzly Peak called “Grease Runtz.” Fans are encouraged to try the product out before it sells out.

In addition to Soulja Boy, other artists in Hip-Hop have also made new announcements in the cannabis industry recently — including 2 Chainz, Ice Cube and even Allen Iverson.