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14-Year-Old DeJuan Strickland Created A GoFundMe Campaign And Paid Off His Former School's Lunch Debt

A simple act of kindness can go a long way. Missouri student DeJuan Strickland paid it forward to McCurdy Elementary School, his former school in Florissant, MO, by paying off students’ lunch debt, ABC News reports. The 14-year-old’s idea to create a GoFundMe fundraiser for the school was sparked by his own experience during his elementary days when he was not able to afford school lunch.

Aug 11, 2023

8-Year-Old Starts GoFundMe For A Waffle House Employee To Buy A Car, Raises Over $100K

An 8-year-old’s act of kindness has brought an online community together to support a Little Rock, AR, resident and his family.

Mar 6, 2023

Aspiring Herbalist Exceeds GoFundMe Goal After Kyrie Irving Donates $22K To Her Startup — 'I Didn't See It Coming'

When a blessing comes your way, you don’t always necessarily see it coming. Kyrie Irving boosted a GoFundMe goal to support a herb farm startup and Massachusetts native Valencia Andrews, who launched the page to fund her interest in creating alternatives to improve the quality of life.

Feb 3, 2023

A GoFundMe For Damar Hamlin's Foundation Raises Over $4.5M

Since Jan. 2, hundreds of thousands of people have come online to send their thoughts and prayers to Damar Hamlin. During the Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals game, the 24-year-old went into cardiac arrest after making a tackle. Following the turn of tragic events, the league released a statement about the game’s postponement.

Jan 3, 2023

Fans Created GoFundMe Pages To Get Kanye West Back To Billionaire Status — Here's The Result

It hasn’t been long since Kanye West reportedly lost his billion-dollar status, and already some fans are going the extra mile to restore West’s net worth.

Nov 2, 2022

A GoFundMe Shows Gratitude With $200K After A Burger King Employee Received A Goodie Bag For Not Calling Out For 27 Years

Pure gratitude can open up a shower of blessings, and this recent viral moment is a testament to that.

Jun 29, 2022

Viral First Grader Who Wore A Mask In His School Photos Receives Over $30K Toward College Fund

When first grader Mason Peoples went to take his school picture, a Dorian Studio photographer presented the six-year-old with a difficult question which turned into a hilarious exchange that went viral on his mother Nicole Tucker’s Facebook last week. Sporting his mask, the photographer requested for Mason to take off his mask for his shining moment. Following his mother’s orders Mason responds, ”My mom said to keep it on all the time unless I’m eating and far from everybody.” The photographer reportedly suggested to Mason the removal of the mask would only be temporary to take the picture. The first grader insists, “No, Thank you, I always listen to my mom!” The photographer responds, “Ok, say cheese!” The standard protocol for Dorian Studio is to verify with schools if masks are optional for students prior to conducting the portraits. Upon approval from the school, the photographer presents the option to students, Good Morning America reports. “If students don’t want to [remove...

Oct 4, 2021

An Armed Militia Group Detaining Migrants At the Border Has Been Banned By PayPal and GoFundMe

The presence of right-wing militia groups has made attempting to navigate the border even more precarious for migrants and their families. Last week, The New York Time s reported that a group operating out of New Mexico detained hundreds of migrants at gunpoint. The group — known as the United Constitutional Patriots (UCP) — uploaded videos of their actions to social media. Outside donations play a big role in Crowdfunding UCP’s funding strategy and crowdfunding platforms have been a big asset for them, until now. Recently, both PayPal and GoFundMe banned the group from using their services, as reported by BuzzFeed News . Both PayPal and GoFundMe have policies regarding the promotion of hate or violence. It seems the group was removed in violation of those policies, as a PayPal spokesperson told BuzzFeed: “The account associated with United Constitutional Patriots has been closed due to a violation of our Acceptable Use Policy. We do not allow PayPal services to be used to promote...

Apr 22, 2019

GoFundMe Is Rebranding Its Nonprofit Arm To Enable Broader Charitable Giving

GoFundMe just rebranded its nonprofit platform to fund a broader variety of causes. The Direct Impact Fund, will now be called The platform was originally created in 2016 and gained notoriety after assisting Hurricane Harvey victims. The nonprofit arm is helping users get tax deductions for their donation to verified fundraisers that cover a range of causes including environment, mental health, animals, veterans and K-12 classrooms. “Together with GoFundMe, we are expanding the benefits of social fundraising and continuing to support some of the most impactful needs within our community with tax-deductible donations,” CEO of Yoshi Inoue told TechCrunch. GoFundMe and are two separate entities. They operate with a different board of directors, CEOs and CFOs. Throughout the years, GoFundMe has helped thousands of people offset medical expenses, tuition costs, funerals and more. Individuals have used the platform as a safety net for large...

Apr 12, 2019

GoFundMe Will Remove Anti-Vax Campaigns Spreading Misinformation

Anti-vax campaigns have entered the conversation around misinformation on the internet, with false theories about the harms that come with vaccinations spreading on platforms like Facebook and Youtube. The role fundraising sites play in this has mostly gone unnoticed, until now. Recently, GoFundMe shared it will remove anti-vax campaigns on its website, as reported by The Daily Beast. A spokesman for GoFundMe told the outlet, “Campaigns raising money to promote misinformation about vaccines violate GoFundMe’s terms of service and will be removed from the platform.” According to The Daily Beast, fundraisers by anti-vax groups have raised at least $170,000 in the last four years on GoFundMe. That’s a significant amount of money. Removing their ability to use GoFundMe may not completely defund anti-vax groups, but it’ll definitely make things harder for them moving forward. Anti-vax campaigns can be dangerous not only because some of them use bad science, but also because they have...

Mar 25, 2019