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50 Cent Claims He Has 'Been A Billionaire Since 2007'

According to 50 Cent, he has been a billionaire since 2007.

Samantha Dorisca

Apr 17, 2023

NBA Star Ja Morant Reveals His Goal Of Becoming A Billionaire By 30 — 'I'm A Brand. I'm A Business'

If you’re familiar with Memphis rap, you know the classic song “Where Dem Dollas At” by Gangsta Boo. While the late rapper’s song is a staple for those who live in the southern city, it also serves as a calling call for anyone looking to level up financially. And one of Memphis’ most prominent figures, Ja Morant, is tapping in and making plans to get all the “dollas” he can. The Memphis Grizzlies point guard declared that he wants to be a billionaire by age 30.

Josh Rodgers

Jan 9, 2023

Ariana Fletcher Once Revealed She Made Over $150K/Month On The Platform, But No Longer Wants To Be The 'Instagram Girl'

Ariana Fletcher says she is next up to become a billionaire, and she is hoping to reach this feat through her cosmetics line.

Samantha Dorisca

Dec 12, 2022

Social Media Users Demand Answers After Three Crypto Leaders Die Within Weeks Of Each Other

Tyler Perry is known for bringing comedic relief to characters and situations that can be tough to navigate. This process is meant to make things that are hard to deal with more palatable. His character Madea is often the center of the comedy in Perry’s work. Ironically, one of Madea’s many funny but memorable moments is centered around death. In one of Perry’s productions, the outspoken grandmother was confronted with the end of a loved one and boldly stated a phrase that had people in stitches but also had them a little confused. “People dying that ain’t never died before.” And while that statement doesn’t make much sense in a structured way, the theory behind it alludes to the unpredictable nature of death. Although death is nothing new, the news of it still comes as a surprise. And when it happens back to back under unexpected circumstances like those of several leaders in the cryptocurrency industry, it makes you consider the validity of Madea’s statement. However, this is no...

Josh Rodgers

Dec 6, 2022

Fans Created GoFundMe Pages To Get Kanye West Back To Billionaire Status — Here's The Result

It hasn’t been long since Kanye West reportedly lost his billion-dollar status, and already some fans are going the extra mile to restore West’s net worth.

Samantha Dorisca

Nov 2, 2022

Kanye West Is No Longer A Billionaire, According To Forbes

Kanye West’s billionaire status may be a thing of the past.

Samantha Dorisca

Oct 25, 2022

Tyler Perry Recalls Incident In The Workplace Before Billionaire Status: 'As Offended As I Was By That As I Left, I Never Forgot That'

Tyler Perry understands you have to finish what you start. However, unfortunately, this was a lesson learned after an unpleasant incident in the workplace.

Samantha Dorisca

Oct 11, 2022

Kanye West's Fortune Estimated To 'Drop Well Below $1B' If He Decides To End adidas Partnership

In 2020, Kanye West was marked as the second billionaire in Hip-Hop. The rapper’s stake in Yeezy (adidas) brought him to $1.3 billion, as previously reported by AfroTech. Back then, Forbes was the outlet to confirm West’s billionaire status. Now, it has been one of the first to report on how his recent actions could jeopardize that same status.

Ngozi Nwanji

Sep 16, 2022

Tiger Woods Made History As The Third Athlete To Become A Billionaire, But Less Than 10 Percent Of His Fortune Comes From Playing Golf

Golf may not be the most electrifying sport to all, but the associated coin made by athletes like Tiger Woods can cause anyone to get excited about the game. Born in 1975 as Eldrick Woods, the prolific golfer was raised in Cypress, CA, with an interest in golf as early as six-months-old. Based on his bio on his website, Woods appeared on The Mike Douglas Show at two-years-old, putting with Bob Hope. He also shot 48 for nine holes at age three and was featured in Golf Digest by age five. By 16-years-old, Woods competed in tournaments and placed 34th place in the 1994 Johnnie Walker Asian Classic in Thailand. That same year, he entered Stanford University and won 10 collegiate events, including the NCAA championship title. Since turning pro in 1996, Woods has earned 82 PGA Tour wins, 12 international victories, and 199 top ten finishes. According to Golf Digest, since the beginning of his professional career, he had endorsement deals from Nike and Titleist worth $67 million....

Josh Rodgers

Aug 12, 2022

Rihanna Has Now Become The Youngest Self-Made Woman Billionaire In America

Rihanna is racking in yet another feat, becoming America’s youngest self-made woman billionaire. According to Forbes, Rihanna sits at an estimated net worth of $1.4 billion, as of this writing.

Samantha Dorisca

Jul 5, 2022

Tiger Woods Joins LeBron James And Michael Jordan In The Billionaire Athletes Club

Tiger Woods just swung and hit his most accurate proverbial hole-in-one. The veteran golf player has reportedly joined the ranks of the country’s top earners by becoming a billionaire. The 82-time PGA Tour winner continues to prove what resilience looks like. Despite some challenges in his recent past, Woods continues to dominate on and off the golf course.

Josh Rodgers

Jun 10, 2022

Billionaire Kanye West Says He Has Not Touched Cash In Years

When you’re Kanye West, your interaction with money is different. The Chicago native has been in the game for years and has achieved much success, but when it comes to the coin, he probably doesn’t move like most. And, it’s to the point that he has to think about the last time he’s ever physically come into contact with cash. According to HipHopDX, the rapper has confirmed that it’s been years since he’s actually touched cash. “What you want me to pose with that?” he asked as a woman approached him with a wad of cash. “I ain’t going to lie to you. I ain’t touch cash in like four years.” With a smirk, the rapper shrugged off the statement and even began to chuckle as someone next to him pointed out that his response was an indicator of “real wealth.”

Shanique Yates

May 27, 2022

Billionaire Robert F. Smith Could Become The First Black Owner Of An NFL Team In The Sport's 101-Year History

Billionaire Robert F. Smith could be making history in the near future. According to Bleacher Report, the Denver Broncos could be up for sale in the NFL offseason. If indeed, the Broncos go up for sale, Smith has expressed an interest in bidding on the team. The Broncos are reportedly worth $3.75 billion. “If Denver is put up for sale, it will likely be through an auction because it is under the Patrick D. Bowlen Trust,” reports the outlet, who added that the sale of the team would benefit the seven Bowlen children. What’s more, the outlet confirms that as part of the deal with the trust, the beneficiaries of the trust would have to honor the highest bid for the team. “If the team is put up for sale, a legal source familiar with the Broncos’ ownership transition told 9News that it would likely be through auction because the team is under the Patrick D. Bowlen Trust umbrella,” Denver’s 9News reported. “This means the trustees would have a fiduciary responsibility to the trust’s...

'It's Not About The Money' — Kevin Hart Says He Wants To Be A Billionaire By Age 45, But Can He Do It?

Kevin Hart said he wants to be a billionaire before he turns age 45. Can he do it? Based on what we can see so far, the answer is most definitely “yes.” In an exclusive interview with CBS Sunday, the comedian & actor sat down with Gayle King to talk about his goals to reach that elusive billionaire status. For Hart, it’s about more than just the money — but about the message. And while he has a respectable net worth so far, he said he’d like the media to “tell a different story” in three years from now, when he turns 45-years-old. You can check out the full interview below. As AfroTech previously reported, Kevin Hart has an estimated net worth of $200 million. So, can he achieve the elusive billionaire status achieved by only a handful of Black men, so far? Will his net worth increase to that point? And what is his true driving motivation, anyway? We decided to take a look — and for the record, if his salary continues to increase, year over year, the way it has done so far, he will...