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Ruben Harris' Career Karma Announces $40M Series B Funding Round

Career Karma is still on a mission to help more people break into the tech industry . The company — founded by Ruben Harris — seeks to provide those wanting to launch careers in tech by equipping them with the right job training programs and support as they progress throughout their careers. Today, the company has even announced a $40 million Series B funding round that was led by Top Tier Capital Partners, a San Francisco-based global venture capital firm. With the latest funding round, the company will expand into higher education as well as lock in new key roles at Career Karma. “There is currently not one company that dominates the reskilling space. Whichever player aggregates demand will become the category leader in the $2.2 trillion post-secondary education market ,” said Credit Karma CEO Ruben Harris in an official news release shared with AfroTech. “With over 10 million job openings in the United States and more than 4 million people who have recently quit their jobs,...

Shanique Yates

Jan 10, 2022

Creative Careers in Tech: Sr. Practice Manager Michelle Bozeman Finds Joy In Building Professionals at Amazon

After nearly two decades at Microsoft, Michelle Bozeman has proven that she gets things done. Since joining Amazon Web Services (AWS) in 2019, she’s done just that in her role as a Senior Practice Manager. Officially embracing a new phase of her career, Michelle’s found a role that both challenges and inspires her as she develops consultants at Amazon. “My position today is in professional services. I manage a team of consultants that are early in their careers. I manage a program that is meant to grow them into more senior consultants, and I started doing that with college hires. That led me to a passion that I have mentoring and growing people, which led me to AWS,” Michelle says. Understanding that there’s room for everyone to win, since joining AWS, Michelle says her greatest achievement has been “seeing people grow.” As a manager and mentor, Michelle has been instrumental in developing a new generation of tech professionals . “Watching them come in so unsure of the position,...

Cecilia Austin

Mar 5, 2021

CEO Ruben Harris Uses His Story to Help People Transition Into Tech on His Platform Career Karma

If you’re someone looking to launch a career in tech or make the transition into the industry, Ruben Harris and his team at Career Karma are your guys! AfroTech’s Will Lucas had the chance to sit down with the Bay Area transplant from Atlanta, Georgia to discuss how the app helps job training programs find qualified applicants. As the CEO and co-founder of Career Karma and someone who was once like the job seekers looking for an opportunity within their respective fields, Harris first broke into his career within technology after writing a viral blog post called Breaking Into Startups. It was this blog post that showed how he was able to move to San Francisco without a job before landing a position just three weeks later. During the Black Tech, Green Money podcast, Harris shares how he used his same motivation and hunger for breaking into tech to develop his platform in response to the thousands of emails that followed the viral post with other users hoping to have the same success....

Shanique Yates

Nov 17, 2020

Careers In Tech: Amazon Web Services Engineer, Makho Ngazimbi  Shares How To Secure A Job in Tech 

There are many paths to success in tech, but the most notorious is software development and engineering.  We want to introduce you to Makho Ngazimbi, a software development manager with Amazon Web Services. Amazon Web Services helps businesses scale and grow by offering secure cloud services on its platform along with database storage and more. Makho’s team of engineers is responsible for making sure that the operating system is distributing to all the data centers. Makho spoke with Will Lucas at AfroTech about his journey into tech and what he wants other Black professionals to know when venturing into the field. One of the proudest responsibilities that Makho has is in recruiting Black engineers into tech. Resources like Amazon’s Black Employee Network have allowed him to be hands-on in recruiting, retaining, and even advancing Black talent in engineering. “There’s a lot of programs that I am really proud of and [recruiting] is actually a huge passion of mine,” said Makho. If...


Nov 5, 2020

Career In Tech: VMware Employee, Edmar Gonçalves Shares His Career Experience As a Software Engineer

VMware prioritizes cybersecurity and safety when it comes to offering top-notch software solutions for its clients. Employees like Edmar Gonçalves are dedicated to ensuring that applications are succinctly built to protect the IT Infrastructure of businesses against cyber attacks. Gonçalves was born and raised in Cape Verde, Africa, and always had a knack for computers growing up. He’s now utilizing his role at VMware to protect others through digital transformations. “Cape Verde is a nation off of the west coast of Africa and at the time I’m on an island that has less than 10,000 people,” said Gonçalves. The software engineer took some time to chat with AfroTech about his professional career in tech, working for VMware, advice for software engineers, and more. “It is my impression that most people think that engineers are sitting at their desk crafting poetic algorithms and stuff like that because people think that it is strictly a technology business, but it’s not,” said...

Brianna Rhodes

Sep 21, 2020

How to Change Careers if You've Been Laid Off

Career switching isn’t uncommon. And to be able to transition from your current career while building the skills and network you’ll need after-hours is ideal . But what if you find yourself suddenly out of work, with experience in a declining industry with no current job openings? Unfortunately, you’re not alone. Many workers face this challenge during recessions and industry downturns. Faced with a sudden loss of income, mounting bills, and few job prospects, they must quickly select a new career path, upgrade their skills, and repackage themselves to compete effectively for jobs. If you’re unemployed and considering a new career, here’s how you should approach your career switch. Maximize Your Income The more financial stress you’re under, the harder it will be to transition successfully. So first, maximize your income, especially if you don’t have enough savings to fall back on. File for unemployment, and any other benefits for which you may qualify. Scrounge up part-time work ,...


Jul 14, 2020

6 Do's and Don'ts for Aspiring Coders

Starting to learn to code can be a difficult process. Every time you sit down to practice your skills, you’ll likely encounter a problem that you struggle to figure out or an error that you do not understand. In many situations, it can feel easier to give up rather than to keep going. When you’re first starting out, there is a lot that can overwhelm you, from the technical terminology to the number of resources out there with different approaches to learning how to code. However, if you are willing to invest the time and effort in learning how to code, the rewards are plentiful. Not only does learning how to code open up a number of career options for you—you could become a consultant or transition to a career in tech—it also helps you refine your problem-solving, creativity, and critical thinking skills. These are the exact skills that are growing in demand among employers. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of six “dos and don’ts” for aspiring coders. These tips will help you...

Career Karma

Feb 21, 2020