VMware prioritizes cybersecurity and safety when it comes to offering top-notch software solutions for its clients. Employees like Edmar Gonçalves are dedicated to ensuring that applications are succinctly built to protect the IT Infrastructure of businesses against cyber attacks. Gonçalves was born and raised in Cape Verde, Africa, and always had a knack for computers growing up. He’s now utilizing his role at VMware to protect others through digital transformations.

“Cape Verde is a nation off of the west coast of Africa and at the time I’m on an island that has less than 10,000 people,” said Gonçalves. 

The software engineer took some time to chat with AfroTech about his professional career in tech, working for VMware, advice for software engineers, and more.

“It is my impression that most people think that engineers are sitting at their desk crafting poetic algorithms and stuff like that because people think that it is strictly a technology business, but it’s not,” said Gonçalves, who’s been working for the company since 2019. “It’s a people’s business just like any other. Most of my time these days is spent negotiating with people and making compromises, resolving ideological differences, and seeking to settle on things that the whole team agrees will add customer value or will push business objectives forward.”

Learn more about the many opportunities at VMware here and check out the interview with Gonçalves below: