Sometimes you just need to take a chance on others. Pharrell Williams applied this advice to support T.I. for his debut album.

During a conversation with Shannon Sharpe on his podcast Club Shay Shay, T.I. acknowledged the support he received from the award-winning producer on his 17-track debut album, “I’m Serious.”

“Pharrell was the first superstar — A-list producer — who would say, ‘You know what? I like this guy. I’m going to work with him. I’m going to give him access to my skillset, to my talents, and my efforts.’ He did that my first album,” T.I. shared with Sharpe.

What’s more, Williams worked with T.I. and took a pay cut to do so. At the time, the rapper says Williams was earning around $100,000 per track, which was over his budget during the early stages of his music career.

He continued: “But at the same time, he said ‘Yes.’ He was getting $100,000 a track and I couldn’t afford to pay that. So, he had to kinda like, in the sense of sports, he had to take a pay cut… So we could play together. And, he was gracious enough to do that. Time and time and time again. Until we grew.”

It is not clear how many tracks Williams graciously did for T.I., but he did suggest how much he contributed to the album.

“If you get twelve tracks from Pharrell for one album, it’s usually going to be on his label,” T.I. explained. “However, if you get two or three [tracks], you can expect to part ways without the consideration.”

He continued: “Exceptions are made for exceptional circumstances. And, he found reason to make the exception and he fit into my cap, my first album. And we just developed a relationship and we’ve been working together ever since. That’s one of the dopest producers I’ve ever worked with.”