Stephen Curry is becoming legendary on and off the court right before our eyes.

The seven-time All-Star has secured three championship rings and is arguably one of the greatest shooters of all time. Despite Curry’s evident greatness, his story only brightens off the court.

As AfroTech previously revealed, the All-Star partnered with NinetyToZero to find solutions to combat the racial wealth gap in America. In addition, his philanthropic ventures have helped provide 17 million meals to children through Eat.Learn.Play, a foundation created with his wife and Food Network host Ayesha Curry. Plus, Curry’s business ventures also spur more initiatives to better communities. For instance, he reportedly created S30 alongside former basketball teammate Bryant Barr to support startups disrupting the industry standards and creating new solutions to solve world issues.

As an outspoken leader, Curry does not shy away from using his platform to shed light on social justice issues. In a recent article from Fortune, the Golden State player shared why he invested in Literati, a subscription service that promotes an educational reading environment allowing readers to engage with books through insightful discussions.

“Literati is ensuring that everyone falls in love with books and reading,” Stephen Curry said, according to Fortune. “There are so many stories the world needs to know about, and finding new books with different perspectives is an important part of the human experience. I love that people can connect and grow together through reading.”

In addition to participating in the company’s $40 million Series B round, Curry also partnered with the platform to launch a book club.

“Literati approached my team about being a part of Literati’s expansion [from children’s books] into book clubs for adult readers. Not only did I want to join and host a book club with Literati, but I wanted to also become an investor. I was so impressed with the vision and mission of the company,” Stephen Curry said.

Every month, readers will be offered fictional or real stories chosen by Curry, who will select underrepresented authors to be featured within the collection to provide readers with unique perspectives. Stories will feature protagonists from different ethnic groups who made a difference in the world to provide readers with a glimmer of hope for the future.

“Literati is on a trajectory to truly reimagine how both kids and adults discover books. From a business perspective, Literati is proving to be a successful investment,” Stephen Curry said. “From a more personal perspective, I’m proud to be in business with a company that is reimagining how we consume books. This is an opportunity to think creatively about how to leverage my entire platform, to find alignment on mission and impact with brands. That unlocks the future of changing people’s lives for generations to come. We are so excited for the future.”