Amazon has added Starbucks executive Rosalind Brewer to its board of directors, making her the second Black woman on the tech company’s board.

Brewer was also appointed to Amazon’s leadership development and compensation committee.

Currently Starbucks’ chief operating officer, she’s previously served as chief executive officer of membership warehouse business Sam’s Club. She also served as a director of Lockheed Martin Corporation from April 2011 to October 2017. 

Last May, Amazon agreed to adopt a policy that requires women and people of color to be considered for all board openings. This came after the company was pressured by the Congressional Black Caucus to adopt a proposal to increase the diversity of its board.

Myrtle Potter, former president and COO of Genentech, was the first Black woman to be appointed to the online retail giant’s board of directors. Potter began to serve in 2004 and stepped down in 2009.

Brewer’s appointment brings the number of women on Amazon’s 10-person board to four, according to a securities filing from the company. She is currently the only person of color.