Spotify has adamantly continued to place a hyper focus on Black talent and voices, from its new initiatives to curated playlists featuring Black artists globally. The streak of the spotlight being on Black creatives carries on as Spotify is sponsoring Levels, a new program dedicated to aid in leveling the playing field for junior and mid-level Black professionals in the music business.

With the recent rise of Black executives taking over record labels and creating more seats at the table by building their own, it’s still critical to note that the margin of Black executives compared to their counterparts is significantly low. A wake-up call for action presented itself when USC Annenberg reported that across 70 major and independent music companies, only 4.2 percent of the executives were Black.

Launched by the non-profit Executive Leadership Council, Levels’ four-month virtual cohort program will onboard 60 participants and each will be partnered with an International Coaching Federation (ICF) certified coach. The ICFs are designated to assist with guidance for the mentees’ in accordance with their specific work sector within the music industry. Levels’ goal at the end of the program is for its participants to not only walk away with individually gaining a more in-depth extensive insight into their field, but also for them to plan ahead and take ahold of their future. Participants will create a five-year professional development blueprint and “promotion packages” for their next two advancement opportunities.

Potential candidates should have five to fifteen years of experience within the music industry sectors such as sound technicians, studio managers, and producers. The program includes live virtual instructor-led sessions, chats with Black senior music executives, and more. Participants can expect the opportunity to network with other music professionals as well as collaborate with their program fellows.

Levels is set to run within the course of Sept. 1 through Dec. 9.

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