Snoop Dogg is all about his love for his dogs, but this time around, it’s for furry friends.


Snoop Doggie Doggs

In a new partnership with Little Earth Productions, Inc., the veteran rapper will introduce the world to Snoop Doggie Doggs, a line for little furry friends that comes with everything from hoodies to pajamas to sports jerseys, leashes, plush toys, and more.

“If my dogs ain’t fresh, I ain’t fresh,” said Snoop Dogg in an official statement of the news. “These dogs and their apparel are a reflection of Tha Dogg himself, so they gotta look the role of a Top Dog, ya dig?!?!”

In addition to that, he shared a trailer for the new line, which will be available via Amazon on Instagram.

Snoop The Serial Entrepreneur

As previously reported by AfroTech, the “Drop It Like It’s Hot” emcee is no stranger to committing to the grind as a serial entrepreneur. In fact, he announced plans to take his talents to the restaurant industry with the legendary Gordon Ramsey back in September.

“I have been speaking with my boy Gordon for a while about opening a restaurant together – but the pandemic slowed things right down,” Snoop recalled in a previous interview with “The Mirror.” “I met up with my boy Gordon and he has taught me a few things.”

What A Time To Be Snoop Dogg

In addition to that, 2022 has been the year of the Dogg! His return to Death Row Records, came with a hefty price tag, as he now owns the label. Additionally, Snoop unveiled a new breakfast line under his family’s Broadus Foods umbrella.

Previously, his fellow emcee and friend Master P told AfroTech why he has so much admiration for the West Coast native.

“I just love everything that Snoop stands for, and he’s constantly growing as a man. I’m constantly growing as a man,” Master P recounted. “But just being able to have somebody that you call your brother or your friend that has the same integrity that you have as far as giving back — I love that. None of us are perfect, we all make mistakes, but what I love about Snoop Dogg, more than anything else, is what he’s doing on that football field with the kids and giving back through the league he’s created. That’s so important because it’s changing and saving lives.”