TED has led the talking industry for 30 years. This nonprofit started in 1984 as a conference focused around Technology, Entertainment, and Design and has since transformed the way the world learns via spoken communication.

Today TED has added talks on science, politics, culture, and just about everything else to its list of speaking points. Entrepreneurship requires staying abreast of certain topics and the general happenings of the world to analyze trends and develop new ideas. A great way to do this is to take advantage of the free knowledge. We’ve compiled a list of six TED Talks that will undoubtedly change some old perspectives that you didn’t know were holding you back and equip you with the knowledge you didn’t know you needed.

Launching and Supporting Black-Owned Businesses — Mandy Bowman

Mandy Bowman.com lists her as the founder and CEO of Official Black Wall Street, a digital platform dedicated to enhancing the visibility of Black-owned businesses. According to her official site, Mandy appeared on BET’s “Queen Boss,” where she pitched her startup to celebrity judges.

In her TED talk, Mandy drops perspective-changing stats about how the Black dollar circulates within Black communities for a mere six hours before being spent in other communities. Mandy believes “each and every one of us should be an entrepreneur in some capacity.”

The Art of Diplomacy — Tayo Rockson

Tayo Rockson — founder and CEO of consulting firm UYD Management –explains how as the son of an international diplomat, he grew to understand the importance of communicating effectively and how many people struggle in communicating with each other. As an entrepreneur surveying your landscape, listening to your audience, and fostering diversity are all key components to success and Rockson’s TED talk will give you an in-depth crash course on how to do all three.

My Black Year — Maggie Anderson

Maggie Anderson starts her Ted Talk with her story of growing up in Liberty City, a predominately Black community in Miami, FL, and becoming a congressional aid to Congressman John Lewis.

Maggie and her family dedicated an entire year of only buying from Black-owned businesses as a part of her Empowerment Experiment. This talk gives Black entrepreneurs a more in-depth analysis of the importance of collaborating and forming alliances with each other.

The Skill of Self Confidence — Dr. Ivan Joseph

As a collegiate championship-winning soccer coach Dr. Joseph explains that the number one quality he looks for when recruiting athletes is self-confidence. He defines “self-confidence” as “the ability or belief to believe in yourself to accomplish any task no matter the odds, no matter the difficulty, no matter the adversity.” This is a great watch for introverted entrepreneurs and startup founders who have received rejections.

African Americans and Technology: Empowerment or Exclusion? — Lance McCarthy

Renown economist, Lance McCarthy, gives a historical overview of African Americans and Tech. He argues that the lack of diversity in Silicon Valley is not a race issue but an economic issue. Definitely food for thought.

The 5 People You Need to be Happy — Stacey Flowers

Stacey Flowers will make you look at life differently. She defines happiness as “unleashing your God-given talents to positively influence this world.” Flowers pinpoints five people you need in your life to bring about happiness as a cheerleader, a mentor, a coach, a friend, and a peer.