This Black woman is making history one motorcycle ride at a time!

According to 10 Wavy News, Shekelia Bussey is the operator and owner of Moto Mob Riding Academy in Franklin, Virginia — this makes the academy the first-of-its-kind owned by a Black woman in the state.

Bussey first started riding motorcycles in 2007 following a class at Harley Davidson in Portsmouth, Virginia, and ultimately had the opportunity to journey cross country twice.

In 2017, she quit her government contracting position to become a motorcycle instructor for the United States Navy.

“[I’ve traveled] about 16,000 miles, solo, by myself. Motorcycling to me…it’s my passion. It is what drives me forward,” said Bussey in an interview. “Very few people get to get up every day and do what they love to do, but I’m one of them. This has been a labor of love for me.”

During her time as an instructor, she acquired a fleet of 17 motorcycles which ultimately led her to branch out on her own to teach classes. She now empowers others to ride out on their own terms.

Not only is the academy open to anyone who wishes to join, but motorcycles are also provided. Participants are required to bring their own helmet, eye protection, long sleeves, and footwear that comes above the ankle with COVID restrictions still in place. For Bussey, her position is all about uplifting and inspiring others.

“What that means to my community is when we see someone else who looks like us, doing something that we feel that has been unattainable to us,” Bussey said. “It makes it possible. It makes a difference in our community. That’s why Black-owned matters to me. I’m proud of that distinction.”

For more on how to sign up for classes, click here.