Serena Williams is about to help coaches truly get their heads in the game!

The tennis legend and entrepreneur has partnered with Cloud9 Esports to launch the Training Grounds Champion’s Mindset course for coaches. It is designed to help support the company’s latest partnership with high school after-school Esports programs.

Training Grounds was launched with the purpose of nurturing the next generation of players in esports, which is set to grow by $3 billion in 2022, per Goldman Sachs. Specifically designed for both middle and high schools, Training Grounds places an emphasis on the values of teamwork, critical thinking and sportsmanship within the context of competitive gaming.

Through the new Training Grounds Champion’s Mindset course, Serena Williams will personally detail the practices and mindset shifts that helped her become one of the greatest athletes of all time.

“Hard work, practice, and dedication are so important when you’re working to become the best and make your dreams come true, whether that be in sport or something different,” said Williams in an official press release shared with AfroTech. “As an advisor on Cloud9, I am excited to team up on their Training Grounds program to help nurture these skills in students everywhere.”

The course also includes specific tips for coaching with a Champion’s Mindset and will be available for free on the Cloud9 website for school coaches, parents and educators to use as the framework for youth development.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Serena Williams, truly one of the greatest tennis champions of all time, to teach our coaches the best way to inspire and train aspiring young athletes,” continued Samir Bolar, Executive Director at Training Grounds in the statement. “As we transition our Training Grounds program into schools, Serena’s ‘Champion’s Mindset’ course will be an essential coaching tool in developing young gamers that are goal-oriented, healthy, and resilient.”

Click here to learn more about Training Ground’s Champion’s Mindset course.