This fraternity is putting brotherhood to the test with a new initiative to help startups and their respective communities build wealth.

According to Watch The Yard, 18 members of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. from all over the nation have partnered with 12 Black and brown executives to form an Equity Crowdfunding Portal. Seed At The Table is FINRA approved and a win-win situation as that it will provide access to capital for diverse founders and allow investors to place their stake in private businesses at lower minimums.

“[Seed At The Table] is committed to spurring economic advancement and firmly believes both a founder’s ability to access capital and an individuals’ ability to invest in the business and products they consume are paramount to the viability of Black and Brown commerce,” said founding member and brother of Kappa Alpha Psi, Pierre Le Veaux, in an interview with Watch The Yard.

Generally to invest in an early-stage startup, one must have an accredited investor status, or in other words, a net worth of over $1 million.

Now, Seed At The Table will allow people with a lower net worth to invest, which in turn puts Black and brown people in a position to invest in companies that are led by people who look like them.

According to those involved, this platform is one of the few equity crowdfunding portals with intentions to truly focus on creating space for Black and brown entrepreneurs. Seed At The Table is compiled of attorneys, investment bankers, professional athletes, tech experts, and other veteran executives who bring a wealth of knowledge to the companies that they partner with.

Each Kappa Alpha Psi brother involved in this initiative has worked for years to allow this to span across the globe and bring four decades’ worth of initiation representation.

“Achievement in every field of human endeavor,” is the fraternity’s motto, and it comes to life via the new Seed At The Table program.

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