Sports bars are a go-to option in the world of casual public kickbacks. From the vast drink options to the relaxed and pressure-free environment, people often feel a sense of connection, camaraderie, and comfort in those places.

Now imagine adding an uplifting aura of cannabis to that picture. The vibes would elevate as patrons endeavor to eat, drink, and roll in the same place.

Former NFL running back Ricky Williams is on a mission to make this concept a reality with his cannabis brand, Highsman.

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According to Boardroom, Williams launched his cannabis brand to provide sports fans and herb enthusiasts an opportunity to have a more personal relationship with the flower and spark greatness.

For Williams, sparking greatness is vital for him and his business model. He admits that when he consumes the herb, he is more aware and in tune with details. While hosting an event for his cannabis brand during a Monday Night Football game, he described to Boardroom that exact feeling.

“When I consume cannabis, I get more focused on the little details. So, it becomes more interesting."

The now 45-year-old promotes Highsman by visiting the dispensaries that offer his flower and apparel to host meet-and-greets. Williams has since advanced that concept by hosting immersive live events to create more in-depth connection points with his customer base.

William’s in-person social events are critical to his ongoing branding plan.

“Americans are used to the sports bar, so this is a similar kind of thing where you can come and consume with other people and enjoy sports together,” Williams said to the outlet. “This concept allows people to relax and create. There’s the power of the plant that’s also great for creativity. Everyone is more relaxed, open, and talking. That’s the magic happening. Most of us, our favorite songs, our parents’ favorite songs, were probably written or created in an altered state.”

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