Pusha T is no longer the president of Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music label.

G.O.O.D. Music

According to Complex, the record label was founded by West in 2004. Since its inception, it has been home to artists like Pusha T, Teyana Taylor, Big Sean, John Legend, and more.

When asked if he was still the president of the label, Pusha T told XXL Magazine, “No. No, I’m not.”

At this time, Pusha T says that not only is he no longer serving as president of the label but that he and his longtime friend are currently not on speaking terms following the controversy surrounding West’s stance on the Jewish community.

“He’s not speaking to me now,” the Virginia native continued in the exclusive story with the outlet. “If you ain’t with it, you ain’t down. And I ain’t with it.”

The Brotherhood

Furthermore, Pusha T opened up to XXL Magazine about the complexity of his relationship with West over the years.

“I never had a filter with him. I’ve always spoke my mind. People gotta remember, too. This isn’t new for me, when it comes to disagreeing with him politically and things like that,” said the “It’s Almost Dry” emcee in the interview. “Remember, I’m the one that said the MAGA hat is the new Klu Klux Klan hood while he’s making my album. He beefing with [former President Barack] Obama. I met Obama. But it’s the same thing with him and the Drake thing. I’m going through this and that, he’s doing shows [with Drake].”

Furthermore,  Pusha T doubled down on his stance in the relationship between him and West.

“I heard about this new stuff [on InfoWars],” he explained. “I don’t know. It’s something that just sort of tells me he’s not well, at the same time. I will say that. It’s going to places where it’s no way to move around it.”