As the saying goes — it’s not always about what you know, but who you know.

For Victor Victor Worldwide Inc. founder Steven Victor, this phrase could be the reason he manifested the opportunity of a lifetime!

According to Boardroom, Victor had dreams of working with the Hip-Hop duo Clipse, which consists of brothers Gene “No Malice” Thornton Jr., and Terrence “Pusha T” Thornton to the point that he was willing to do the work for free.


How It All Started

“I was like a huge Clipse and Pharrell fan and I became friendly with Pharrell’s assistant. So, then one day I was just like, ‘Yo, introduce me to Pharrell’ and I was like ‘I wanna work with him.’ She was like, ‘Pharrell’s not gonna speak to you,'” Victor recalled, according to Boardroom.

Luckily, his friend had an alternative option in mind that could still make one of the young entrepreneur’s dreams come true.


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“She was like, ‘But you know it’s interesting that you ask me about this because Pusha and Clipse are looking for a publicist and I can get you on the phone with Pusha,'” Victor continued, revealing that his friend shared his contact information with the Virginia native.

A Life-Changing Phone Call

“I didn’t think he was gonna call me, but he called me the next day and I just got on the phone with him and was like ‘Yo, this is what you should be doing,'” Victor shared. I just went off. I went on like a 20-minute rant and then at the end of the rant, I was just like ‘Yo, just hire me. I’ll work for free,’ and he was like ‘Okay, cool.'”

Now, the rest is history.

Clearly, Victor is more than the man who offered to work for free.

As aforementioned, he’s the founder of Victor Victor — the clothing company — and Victor Victor Worldwide Inc. — the record label and publishing company.

While one of his companies is behind hits for artists like the late Pop Smoke and more, the other company serves as a catalyst for today’s Hip-Hop fashion trends, Boardroom reports.