If you’re tired of creating fake email addresses to take advantage of Netflix’s free 30-day trial period, Popeye’s will create one for you. The Louisiana style fast-food restaurant has launched its new “Fried Chicken ‘n Chill” campaign. The first 1,000 Twitter users to post a photo of them eating a Popeyes meal with the hashtag #ThatPasswordFromPopeyes will receive a Netflix username and password. 

Popeyes released their campaign video via Twitter where they explain because of their southern roots, everyone is treated like family. Therefore, sharing Netflix passwords is the right thing to do. 

According to The Takeout, Popeyes saw over 35 percent growth in sales in 2019 after its chicken sandwich went viral causing mayhem among chicken lovers. The increase in sales can be attributed to the African American presence within their marketing agency, specifically social strategist, Angela Brown.  

The Popeyes issued Netflix account will only be active for one month. After that,  it’s back to “borrowing” passwords.