Pinterest is investing in the future of Black tech!

Under the mission of increasing diverse representation across the workforce, the platform has teamed up with dev/color — an accelerator for advancing Black technologists — for a multi-year, multi-million dollar partnership, according to a blog post. 

“At Pinterest, we’re on a mission to bring everyone the inspiration to create a life they love, and that mission starts with building a workforce that is representative of the world we live in and where everyone feels a sense of belonging,” the blog post writes. “We believe that diverse and inclusive teams build better products and are essential to growth and innovation. That is why we are specifically making a strategic investment in Black tech talent.”

Pinterest and dev/color will work together to empower Black engineers and leaders through advancing their careers and recruiting Black technologists at all levels and specialties. Additionally, they aim to spur relationships, partnerships, and sponsorships with HBCUs in the future.

“Pinterest is proud to partner with /dev/color to advance our common goal of ensuring that the future of technology is representative of Black talent, and the Black community as a whole,” said Nichole Barnes Marshall, Global Head of Inclusion & Diversity at Pinterest, in a statement. “Through this strategic partnership, we will continue to invest in programs that will develop, empower and accelerate Black tech talent within and beyond Pinterest. We look forward to the future with our friends and partners at /dev/color.”

Last year, the social media giant was a sponsor of /dev/color’s annual conference and its /dev/color in motion (#DCIM22) event earlier this year, the blog post notes.

“We’re thrilled to take our work with Pinterest to the next level to support Black technologists and leaders throughout the industry,” /dev/color CEO Rhonda Allen said. “Together, we will invest in Black software engineers, executives and founders in ways that are real and sustained.”