After being bombarded on social media for her “secret sauce,” there may be a glimmer of hope for Pink Sauce creator Chef Pii.


How It Started

If you are an avid user of TikTok, you are more than likely familiar with the viral sauce. It fueled curiosity with its vibrant pink color and a flavor that could not be described by even Chef Pii. Some users have even cited that the reason for the mystery may have been to boost sales.

Whether true or not, Chef Pii’s marketing tactic worked and the Pink Sauce went viral, which followed her selling the product out of Miami, FL, in June.

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Trouble In Paradise

As the product continued to gain traction, many users began documenting their experiences.

The sauce is marked at $20. In addition, its ingredient label states the product is made with dragon fruit, sunflower seed oil, chili, honey, and garlic. However, customers revealed there were discrepancies with the nutrition label including an incorrect spelling of vinegar and unrealistic serving size.

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There was also additional uncertainty about the product’s expiration and preservatives. Making matters worse, some customers shared images of open and bloated bottles at the time of delivery.

Retail Stores

This could have been the beginning of the end. However, fortunately, the lights will be staying on for Pink Sauce now that it has scored a partnership with Dave’s Gourmet.


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“In less than a week, we nailed it,” said Dave’s Gourmet’s President David Neuman, according to a press release. “Our R&D team was able to re-formulate the sauce to match Chef Pii’s exact color and flavor profile for the product and at the same time change some of the ingredients to make the sauce less complicated, dairy-free, and clean of any preservatives, artificial colors or flavors. The public will end up receiving a shelf-stable version of the sensational sauce than Chef Pii envisioned in her Miami kitchen.”

Dave’s Gourmet, which has a history in the pasta and hot sauce markets, has been working to improve the product and give it “credibility.” Additionally, the press release states that they are “in talks with a few major retail chains about selling The Pink Sauce™ through the retail channel.”

“Production is planned for this fall,” said Neuman in a statement. “We are working 24/7 to make it happen.”