After years of fielding questions about his age-defying skin, Pharrell Williams is finally entering the beauty business with his own skincare brand, Humanrace.

Allure spoke with the superstar hitmaker and fashion designers for exclusive details on the forthcoming collection, which includes three products: rice powder cleanser ($32), lotus enzyme exfoliant ($46), and humidifying cream ($48). Consulted by dermatologist Dr. Elena Jones, the three-step system is designed to prepare, repair, and protect the skin.

“You put on that humidifying cream,” he said. “You’re like, ‘Oh man, my skin is popping.’”

Pharrell, whose youthful look receives constant praise online and IRL, credits his obsession with skincare to the many women he’s quizzed, including Naomi Campbell.

“They’d talk to me about their skin and the things that they’d do. It varied between the different girls and campaigns that they had done and what they felt was integral to their process,” he said. “[Naomi] would always talk to me about never washing my face with the downward strokes of whatever cloth I was using, to always go upward, to go against the gravity.”

With his initial foray into the beauty biz, the entrepreneur’s competition will likely be fellow Black-owned skincare brands like Rihanna’s Fenty Skin, and other established skincare titans such as Tatcha.

“I’ve been asked for about 20 years what is your skin-care routine,” he said in a phone interview with WWD.  “I think your skin is the sum of the routines you put into it.”

Well, this Humanrace routine will be available Nov. 25.