NLE Choppa has made it clear, with both his actions and words, that he has no intention of merely being known as “just a rapper.”

Born Bryson Lashun Potts in Memphis, TN, the rising Hip-Hop superstar has already started diversifying his interests outside of the music industry. On Sept. 27, AfroTech reported that Potts launched a vegan food truck that, he hoped, would be the flashpoint for change in his economically depressed neighborhood.

“Memphis, I feel like, is a place where vegan food is needed the most ’cause I know, just by getting our hands on better food will change the thought process,” NLE Choppa said. “Possibly the crime rate will go down, scholars will go up, anything. Bro, I have a vegan food truck that will be mobile across the city, from hood to hood, suburb to suburb.”

But Potts isn’t just working on his music and his vegan food truck. According to Celebrity Net Worth, his $3 million net worth as of 2021 is indicative of his growing businesses in a variety of other fields — all of which seem to be at the intersection of music, food and health.

Let’s take a look at the myriad of ways that NLE Choppa is growing his wealth.

Record Label

According to Billboard, NLE Choppa launched his own record label in conjunction with Warner Records in July 2019. A previous article by Billboard revealed that he’d turned down a $3 million offer to broker this deal, which gives him a greater portion of his master recordings (the true bread-and-butter of the music industry) than a traditional record deal would do.


In 2019, NLE Choppa launched his own line of jewelry as part of a collaboration with King Ice. The jewelry line ranges from pendants to bracelets.

Functional Medicine

Functional medicine — sometimes known as alternative medicine — is a field of study that takes a holistic approach to wellness, rather than treating the symptoms of a disease with pharmaceuticals. As the presence of the vegan truck indicates, a healthy lifestyle is important to NLE Choppa, which also explains his shift in lyrical content. To that end, then, he launched a YouTube channel called “Awakened Choppa,” where he discusses things like veganism, gardening, and healthy living, in addition to offering functional medicine tips. As of this writing, the channel has 436,000 subscribers.

Herbal Supplements

NLE Choppa also launched his own online store that specializes in health & wellness called NLE Health & Wellness. The store offers a variety of herbal supplements, including seamoss, ginger and herbal viagra.


NLE Health & Wellness also offers a line of clothing.