NLE Choppa is enacting change in his hometown of Memphis, TN with his latest venture.

In a Twitter post on Sept. 25, the budding rapper announced the launch of his vegan food truck — This Can’t Be Vegan.

NLE Choppa envisions his vegan food truck as a means to help decrease Memphis’ crime rate, as well as to improve education.

“Memphis, I feel like, is a place where vegan food is needed the most ’cause I know, just by getting our hands on better food will change the thought process,” he said in a video on Twitter. “Possibly the crime rate will go down, scholars will go up, anything. Bro, I have a vegan food truck that will be mobile across the city, from hood to hood, suburb to suburb.”

Along with vegan food, NLE Choppa sold his own herbal products — detox tea, sea mosses, rosemary, etc. This Can’t Be Vegan’s first pop up was at Memphis’ Eat to Live Vegan Fest.

While talking to Jermaine Dupri for The Beet, the Memphis native revealed that he started his journey as a vegan in August 2020 after realizing how meat was affecting his body.

“I meditate a lot, and when I was in the beginning stages of mediation, I peeped how my body would react when I would put certain things in it,” he told Dupri. “So let’s say I meditate for 30 minutes and come out of the meditation with energy. Now I go eat some chicken or a burger and I get back to being tired, or my mindset gets back to the state of mind I was in before I meditated. So as I started to peep my body, realize how my body was reacting to certain foods, I told myself that I had to go cold turkey–I just cut out meat completely.”

After turning to veganism, NLE Choppa noticed the lack of vegan options in Memphis. He then took matters into his own hands by launching his food truck to expand access in his city.

To stay updated on future locations, you can follow This Can’t Be Vegan’s Instagam here.