When it comes to investments, Nas has always been ahead of the curve — from investing in Bitcoin (before it became a massive trend) to consistently being outspoken about his interest in digital currency.

But, what’s next for the self-proclaimed “Cryptocurrency Scarface?” He’s entering into the business of cigars.

According to a press release, Nas is becoming a co-owner and equity partner of Escobar Cigars — a Nicaraguan premium hand-crafted cigar company by Puros Privados, Inc.

“When the team at Escobar Cigars initially approached me, I was immediately drawn to the brand by the exceptional quality of their product,” said Nas in the press release. “This partnership with Escobar has been almost two years in the making and I am honored to be an equity partner with them. I am looking forward to growing this brand and to giving back to the local communities in Nicaragua where our tobacco is grown, aged, and hand-rolled into a premium cigar.” 

According to Fortune, Nas will be launching an all-new cigar collection and the company will also start a line of handmade blunt wraps.

The global partnership with Escobar Cigars is a prime business move for Nas who is the definition of a cigar connoisseur. The two are joining forces to attract Nas’ fanbase which extends over almost three decades on top of his current social reach to put more eyes on the cigar company. Escobar Cigars was launched in 2018 by a group of friends that wanted to create the ultimate experience with their selection of natural and Maduro cigars.

Escobar Cigars is just the latest addition to the rapper’s impressive list of investments through his investment firm, QueensBridge Venture Partners. In April of 2021, Nas and QueensBrdidge was expected to receive a major payout thanks to Coinbase going public and hitting the NASDAQ, AfroTech previously reported.