You’re never too young to develop financial literacy skills!

According to Black Business, 11-year-old Caden Harris has taken in tons of knowledge when it comes to the financial sector, and now he is working to help others do the same.

At the tender age of seven, thanks to the support of his parents, Caden launched his very first business. By age eight, he had written his first book and now, in the double-digits, he’s purchased a 54-seat passenger bus. His goal is to raise funds in order to transform the bus into a traveling mobile unit to teach financial literacy to students at local schools.

This is not anything new for Caden, who continuously gets tapped by local schools, youth church groups, and Boys & Girls Clubs, and has also already created products to teach children financial literacy.

As he expands his efforts even more with the bus, Caden’s mobile financial learning bus will include more ways of shaping the minds of the youth when it comes to learning how to earn, save and also invest money. This includes walking through careers to help them earn money, a mock grocery store to help them budget money as well as a mock bank, where they will learn to set up a bank account. The hands-on experience also includes a tablet station for learning about investments.

Currently, Caden looks to the community to help him achieve his dream of renovating his newly purchased bus in order to continue his love for teaching financial literacy. Not only is he raising funds to turn his dreams into a reality, but Caden is also encouraging businesses to tap into sponsorship opportunities should they want to support his efforts to teach other children about financial literacy.

For more on how to donate to Caden’s cause, click here.

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