Black female entrepreneurs need to be ready at a moment’s notice. Between juggling a packed calendar, and being on the go constantly, time management and productivity are of the utmost importance on the path to success. Thus, the right mobile apps are essential to achieving everyday goals.

Whether you need to send an email to a client, design an Instagram Story in the back of an Uber or find the perfect Black-owned lunch café for a business meeting, apps will give you 24/7 access to the technology that will help run your business (and your world) smoothly.

Here are nine apps you’ll need every day — no matter where you are.

Vimeo Create

From Instagram to LinkedIn, social media is filled with aesthetically pleasing visuals to promote a product, send a motivational message, and everything in between. With Vimeo Create, you can design high-impact videos with the app’s easy-to-use, custom templates. Make the perfect shots even better and try it for free.


Similar to Vimeo Create, Canva offers hundreds of beautifully designed templates and layouts for social media posts. What’s more, Canva allows you to make event flyers, presentation decks, logos, and so much more.


Do you need a bite to eat at a Black-owned eatery or a place to schedule a lunch meeting with a fellow entrepreneur? Tap to open eatOkra to browse over 1,700 restaurants in 13 major cities. If you happen to be outside their radius, stay tuned for more additions to their directory.


Who says you need to be a part of a large corporation to stay connected? Start a Slack workspace on the popular instant messaging platform to better communicate with your staff — big or small. Slack is a quick way to disseminate important information (and silly memes!).


No one wants to be on social media every hour of the day. For that reason, Buffer allows you to schedule posts. Thankfully, this will help you maximize engagement and publish consistently to grow your brand. Besides, scheduling posts helps you avoid being glued to your screen.


No one needs to hear this more than Black women: you need a break, sis! The Calm app is perfect for that 10-minute relaxation moment you desperately need. The meditation app offers hundreds of guided experiences to help lower stress and anxiety daily. What’s more, the app will promote better sleep at night when you’re mind is preoccupied with tomorrow’s to-do list.


Autocorrect isn’t always king. When drafting emails, social media copy, or the like, use Grammarly to double-check your writing. The free app ensures your copy is clear and effective. It also offers premium features for advanced checks.


So, you work to make your own money, but is your money working for you? Whether you’re an expert in stocks or just getting started, Public is the right app for you. The stock market social app allows you to follow investors, discover safe companies to invest in, and keep an eye on the market. Start a piece of your generational wealth journey with Public.


Lastly, reading the news is key to keeping up with trends and business in your industry. Not to mention, it’s just smart to stay informed about what’s happening in the world. (Sorry, ladies, Twitter’s just not enough.) With Flipboard, you can customize your aggregated news by interest. Curate your news today.