Mike Tyson earned so much money during his reign as a boxer, he wasn’t even pressed for brand deals.

During an interview with Complex, he talked about his love affair with shoes as he often sported brands like adidas, Nike, and Puma back in the day. He took his shoe game so seriously that he even considered making his own, but he never got around to it because of his busy life as a boxer.

“Do you remember any like brands approaching you for a deal,” asked Complex’s Joe La Puma.

“If they did, I wasn’t interested,” Tyson responded. “I was interested in making my own sneaker. Some people wanted me to have my own sneaker, but I was moving too fast. I couldn’t take care of that stuff.”

Tyson also wasn’t hyper-focused on securing brand deals back in the day. This shouldn’t be a surprise. He was reportedly earning $30 million per fight at his peak, according to Insider. In 1995, he was the second highest-paid athlete, earning $40 million, according to Forbes.

“You didn’t really care about any deal. You just wanted to win,” La Puma said during the interview.

“I had my money, I didn’t need no deals,” Tyson responded.

And, he was right. Tyson’s career wages amounted to $685 million, which he “earned $400 million in the ring during his career,” Forbes reports.

Unfortunately, Tyson’s good fortune came to a standstill after he mismanaged his earnings, leading him to file for bankruptcy in 2003. For context, he even once spent an outlandish amount of money on exotic tigers as pets.

Yet, as we have mentioned over the years, Tyson has bounced back. As AfroTech perviously reported, he has an estimated net worth of $10 million.