MC Hammer has had his share of ups and downs in the industry.

The man born Stanley Kirk Burrell in Oakland, CA, was famously a multi-millionaire at a time when rap music was an underground musical genre and not the pop culture phenomenon that it is today.

What’s even more impressive, as AfroTech previously reported, is that he blew through his entire $70 million fortune in about five years. With 20 luxury cars, 21 racehorses, a private jet, and a helicopter to his name — to say nothing of such accouterments as a gold-plated toilet(!), a fleet of racehorses, and a staff that cost him anywhere from $500,000 to $1 million per month — it’s easy to see how money came as quick as it went.

Despite his losses, though, MC Hammer says he wouldn’t change a thing.

“Some people ask me sometimes, would I go back and change things?” he said to Oprah. “They are flabbergasted by my answer. My real, true answer is I wouldn’t change one thing. I really believe in the butterfly effect. Meaning that if I change one thing, everything else changes. I lose the kids I have now. I lose the relationships I have now. I lose the peace I have now. So I’m very happy with my decision.”

The good news is, MC Hammer seems to be doing just fine. He owns a piece of Twitter, and has recovered nicely from his bad financial decisions. He has definitely built back better from where he once was.

And, as he said, he credits his wife Stephanie — to whom he has been married for more than three decades — and his five children for helping him recover his net worth back to $2 million, per Celebrity Net Worth.

Let’s take a look at how MC Hammer’s kids are living up to their dad’s incomparable legacy.

Editorial note: The net worth listed in this piece is a speculative estimate drawn from a variety of online sources.

Robert "Bobby" Burrell

Back in 2011, the then-16-year-old Robert Burrell (aka Bobby “Booby” Burrell) told BLK that he wanted to be a successful rapper like his father.

“I dance, rap and as of right now I would like to pursue my dream of being able to sing. I am in the making of being who I want to be, that’s the best way I can put it. I thank God for where I’m at in life. Without him, nothing would be possible,” he said.

Today, however, it seems like Bobby has lived up to that dream. Sometimes going by the name of Bobby Hammer, he’s appeared in some remixes of his father’s songs, like “Better Run Run.”

Jeremiah Burrell

Like his brother, Jeremiah “Jerry” Burrell is also a rising singer and rapper, per his Facebook page. However, little else is known about his life, as he keeps his social media pages (including his Instagram page) private.

Sammy Burrell


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The youngest of MC Hammer’s sons, Sammy Burrell has appeared in several reality shows with his family, including the 2009 reality show “Hammertime.” However, as of late, he keeps his private life off of social media.

Sarah Burrell

Like her brothers, Sarah Burrell also appeared on the “Hammertime” reality show with her family, but her life remains pretty private for now.

A'keiba Burrell

A’keiba Burrell is pretty active on her Twitter page, but little is known about her private life — except to say that she lives in the Bay Area of California.