In order for the Black community to thrive financially, it is imperative to have people who look like us on the inside working on our behalf! That’s where Malcolm Etheridge and his lesson on equity comes in.

Etheridge is not only a certified financial planner, but a mastermind behind insurance, investment portfolio development, retirement planning, stock options, tax planning, and a plethora of other executive benefits.

During the latest episode of AfroTech’s Black Tech Green Money, Etheridge, who also happens to be a speaker — and blogger –joined host Will Lucas to discuss all things equity — for the Black community, of course.

“We talk so much in our community about equity and as you know equity is a big part of the tech ecosystem,” shared Etheridge. “One of the things many companies do to get great talent is provide equity on top of salaries.”

He further explains just how equity levels the playing field within the workforce whether you’re someone who works in tech or not.

“So equity compensation used to be unique to the tech industries,” he said. “But I’m learning that as time goes on, for millennials specifically, folks who may not be in tech see the money being made by their friends who are and are starting to demand the same for themselves.”

Now companies outside of the tech sphere are jumping on the bandwagon and offering the same thing.

“It used to be something that was reserved for those people in Silicon Valley, in those tech companies because they refuse to work for a company that didn’t offer them a piece of the pie,” explained Etheridge.

For more on who Etheridge explains qualifies for equity at a startup, understanding your shares, and what the paper millionaire journey looks like, listen to the full episode of Black Tech Green Money below: