This past Saturday (May 16), platinum-selling rapper Ludacris queued up Instagram Live for Verzuz, a digital celebration of Black music and artists commissioned by producers Swizz Beatz and Timbaland. While he “battled” St. Louis’ own Nelly, the Atlanta star highlighted his latest business venture, KidNation.

The kid-centric “fun, safe, and educational media platform” aims to ensure the safety of children when schools reopen by encouraging hygiene.

Through five simple steps—wet, lather, scrub, rinse, and dry—and “Stay Clean,” a kid-friendly campaign, Luda and KidNation encourage handwashing as a primary defense against COVID-19.

“Make sure you wash your hands, it’s the best way to avoid getting sick,” the visual PSA starts. The three-minute music video is complete with animations, a hip hop beat, and energetic, young rappers and dancers. Most adorably, the lyrics double as tips not only for handwashing but also for showering and brushing teeth.

“With States Starting to Reopen & Schools Letting Out How Do We ENSURE the Safety of Our Children? By First Reinforcing Hygiene as a PRIORITY!,” the father of four posted to Instagram. “AND This Time In a FUN WAY! Listen To The KIDS SPEAK for Themselves because We NEED THIS NOW MORE THAN EVER!”

The discussion to reopen K-12 between state and local officials continues as the global health crisis rages on. However, parents have the power to equip their kids with the information they need to keep themselves germ-free at home and in public—and KidNation wants to help in a creative, fun way.

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