Michael Jordan may have taken the world by storm with his awe-inspiring talent, but his children are making moves to ensure the Jordan legacy remains strong.

Jeffrey Jordan partnered with his father to create HIER, Inc., a Web3 community dedicated to celebrating the top athletic legacies.

NBA Legacies And Streetwear Designers

HEIR Inc. is premiering its first athlete membership non-fungible token (NFT) with company investor and Chicago Bulls guard Lonzo Ball in a recent launch.

The NFT collection will feature 4,200 NFTs created by Don C., a Chicago streetwear designer. Don is known for his collaborative work with other high-profile individuals, including Kanye West.

“HEIR is evolving and elevating the fan experience by offering an innovative athlete engagement platform through a unique membership model,” Ball explained. “I’m excited to partner with HEIR as we work together to digitize the transition from fans to owners, empower first-person athlete storytelling, and provide athletes with a digital platform to build and monetize their brands on the blockchain.”

People who purchase one of the NFT pieces will have exclusive access to insider content with athletes like Ball and virtual and real-life products and experiences.

The Membership Model Makes The Difference

HEIR’s membership model makes being an owner of an associated NFT viable for both the supporters and athletes. Athletes who have NFTs with HEIR will receive a portion of the NFT sales and a portion of all other sales related to their likeness.

On the contrary, supporters and NFT owners will have early opportunities to invest in new collections and receive rewards based on huddle availability. According to the HEIR website, huddles are exclusive and capped experiences powered by blockchain technology that offers unprecedented access to exclusive drops, member-only videos, and more.

According to Boardroom TV, the Lonzo Ball collaborative collection is scheduled to drop on June 7 through a mint on Magic Eden’s Launchpad via the Solana blockchain.