Lil Uzi Vert has proven he’s a rapper that’s looking toward the future.

In an Instagram post, JT of the City Girls revealed that she received a McLaren for her birthday (And as we can see, the Hip-Hop star is clearly thrilled).

But clearly, there are “levels” to this.

On an episode of the Full Send podcast, RD Whittington — a celebrity car broker — revealed that Lil Uzi Vert paid for the sweet whip in Ethereum.

“He just bought his girlfriend a car,” he said. “It was a gift. And he paid it in Ethereum.”

Whittington — whose upcoming show, “Million Dollar Wheels,” will be premiering on Feb. 28 on Discovery+ and is executive produced by Jamie Foxx — explained that part of the reason Lil Uzi Vert paid in the popular cryptocurrency was that he needed the car pretty quickly. However, he couldn’t do a wire transfer from bank to bank. So, he asked Whittington for his Coinbase information, which was provided, and the payment was subsequently sent over.

For his part, too, the “Neon Guts” rapper was said to be proud of himself for the purchase.

“Then he goes ‘that’s the first thing I bought on my own, ever, without having to go through Roc Nation,'” Whittington claims he said.

What is Ethereum?

According to its official website, Ethereum is the catch-all name for both the actual cryptocurrency (which is officially called “ether,” or ETH) and the platform upon which it’s typically bought and traded.

“[It] is the community-run technology powering the cryptocurrency ether (ETH) and thousands of decentralized applications,” reads their official website.

What is the value of Ethereum?

Coinbase reports that as of this writing, one Ethereum is $2,821.01.

The site also confirms that it’s the second-most popular cryptocurrency (behind, of course, Bitcoin), and is trading at a $19.6 billion volume (up nearly 50 percent from 24 hours ago).

Its all-time high value was $4,891.70.