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Why Is Ethereum Going Up? Unpacking The Sudden Surge

If you’ve been following the cryptocurrency market lately, you’re likely aware of the fact that Ethereum has made a 30 percent jump in recent days, marking a two-month high value, and shocking the overall crypto market. The price of Ethereum is $3,727.51 at the time of this writing, though that figure is obviously subject to change as the market continues to fluctuate. Given that ether has been all over the news in recent days, it’s only fair to assume a number of fresh eyes have been placed on the world of crypto investments . So, let’s unpack what exactly Ethereum is, how it works, and examine the factors which led to this week’s historic leap. Furthermore, we’ll examine trends in the market and see if we can construct a comprehensive outline of where the decentralized currency will climb in the coming years. Without any further preamble, let’s take a moment to dive into Ethereum, its price, and its applications. What Is Ethereum? Like other hot cryptocurrencies on the market,...

TeeJay Small

May 28, 2024

Two Brothers Create Sneaker NFTs Years After Quebec Court Of Appeal Sides With eBay In Case Of $98K Nikes

Canadian brothers Kevin and Thierry Mofo’s brand Soles of Justice is launching their first NFT sneaker minted on the Ethereum blockchain tied to high-end physical footwear. After Quebec’s Court of Appeal ruled in favor of eBay in 2012 to cancel the sale of their Nike Air Foamposite One Galaxy shoes that stood to earn $98,000 — Kevin and Thierry are now on a mission to raise awareness of user agreement policies on platforms. Soles of Justice is an initiative meant to ensure that digital creators, startups, and innovators are not stifled by the scale of eCommerce and Big Tech and spark conversations around its control over the digital ecosystems and infrastructures that now underpin our lives. The NFT sneaker can be redeemed for an identical pair of Nike Air Foamposite One Galaxy in size 10 purchased by Thierry, who lined up at a Montreal shoe store and waited 30 hours to buy the coveted sneakers. The brand hopes to release its first NFT collection authenticated with real-life limited...

Lil Uzi Vert Said To Have Used The Cryptocurrency Ethereum To Purchase A McLaren

Lil Uzi Vert has proven he’s a rapper that’s looking toward the future. In an Instagram post, JT of the City Girls revealed that she received a McLaren for her birthday (And as we can see, the Hip-Hop star is clearly thrilled). But clearly, there are “levels” to this. On an episode of the Full Send podcast, RD Whittington — a celebrity car broker — revealed that Lil Uzi Vert paid for the sweet whip in Ethereum. “He just bought his girlfriend a car,” he said. “It was a gift. And he paid it in Ethereum.” Whittington — whose upcoming show, “Million Dollar Wheels,” will be premiering on Feb. 28 on Discovery+ and is executive produced by Jamie Foxx — explained that part of the reason Lil Uzi Vert paid in the popular cryptocurrency was that he needed the car pretty quickly. However, he couldn’t do a wire transfer from bank to bank. So, he asked Whittington for his Coinbase information, which was provided, and the payment was subsequently sent over....

Floyd Mayweather Among Trio Of Stars Sued Over Alleged Cryptocurrency Scam

Things just got a little hectic in the cryptocurrency space for some familiar faces, including Floyd Mayweather. According to Hollywood Reporter, Floyd Mayweather, along with Paul Pierce and Kim Kardashian are being sued for their alleged involvement in an investor cryptocurrency scam, which claims the celebs misled followers in a pump-and-dump scheme.

Shanique Yates

Jan 12, 2022

Here's How Crypto Scammers Managed To Steal Over $14B In 2021

Crypto scammers certainly made 2021 their year. According to a new report from CNBC, the trifling thieves took a gobsmacking $14 billion (with a B!) from their unsuspecting victims last year. That’s a 79 percent jump from the amount of money they stole in 2020 — the year the pandemic began. Analysts for CNBC blame the rise of DeFi — decentralized finance — platforms for this record-breaking uptick in theft from crypto scammers. In a nutshell: more platforms equals more opportunities for wannabe scammers to rip you off. The outlet also referred to Chainanalysis’s annual CryptoCrime report (yes, this is a thing) to analyze the trends in thievery. “DeFi is one of the most exciting areas of the wider cryptocurrency ecosystem, presenting huge opportunities to entrepreneurs and cryptocurrency users alike,” Chainalysis wrote in its annual Crypto Crime report. “But DeFi is unlikely to realize its full potential if the same decentralization that makes it so dynamic also allows for widespread...

Want To Takeoff To 'Space?' It May Be Possible With The Rapper's First-Ever NFT Collection

Migos star Takeoff is quite literally trying to take off into space and he’s hoping to bring a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) owner along for the ride. An Instagram post on Tuesday, Dec. 2 revealed the Migos star will be launching his first NFT collection Apes In Space. Pre-sale begins Dec. 5 with 2,000 spots available for whitelisted members, and a public sale will begin shortly after on Dec. 6, according to the official Apes In Space website. “The Apes In Space team has years of experience in the marketing and digital space under its belt,” the project’s website reads. “With Takeoff (1/3 of Migos) as part of the team, the Apes In Space project has more connections in the NFT space than any other collection.” “We spent months crafting the art of the project and we couldn’t be happier with the final result,” it continued. View this post on Instagram A post shared by TakeOff🚀 (@yrntakeoff)

Samantha Dorisca

Dec 3, 2021

Are You Being Scammed? Here's Everything You Need to Know About Junk Crypto

A recent article featured in The New York Times talked about so-called “junk crypto.” In the story, David Segal detailed how he created his own cryptocurrency in the hopes of cashing in on the craze. But his coin, essentially, turned out to be absolutely worthless. “One day in May, I created my own cryptocurrency,” he explained in the piece. “I did it on a Zoom call with an excitable 36-year-old in Taiwan, Dan Arreola, who had posted a tutorial on YouTube about how to make, and promote, a ‘scam coin.’ It has more than 240,000 views. After a few minutes of tweaking, and about $300 in fees, I pressed a button. Instantly, 21 million coins were minted.” Whether you call them “scam coins,” “hype coins” or “junk crypto”–  the end result is all the same. When it’s all said and done, you have nothing but a bunch of worthless cryptocurrency that can’t even get you a burrito off the Taco Bell dollar menu. So, why do they still prevail in the crypto market? Why is it so easy to buy this...

These Siblings Earn $30K A Month By Mining Crypto With Renewable Energy

Nine-year-old Aanya Thakur and her 14-year-old brother Ishaan are not your typical siblings. It became clear this past summer in Frisco, TX when the siblings wanted to learn how to mine digital coins while earning money. Little did they know their curiosity would lead to earning over $30,000 per month by tapping into cryptocurrencies. How you may ask? The duo mined bitcoin — the world’s leading cryptocurrency — ether and ravencoin, CNBC reports. “Crypto mining is just like mining for gold or diamonds,” Ishaan said in an interview with CNBC. “Instead of using shovels, you mine with computers. Instead of finding a piece of gold or a diamond in the mine, you find a cryptocurrency.”

Samantha Dorisca

Sep 29, 2021