Two friends from Atlanta have formed a company to change the way Black people view space for years to come.

When Dom Cole and Stephen Philms first met, they were fighting on the basketball court. It wasn’t long before they went from boys to men.

“We come from the southside of Atlanta,” Cole told AfroTech. “We’ve always been in the entertainment field for as long as I can remember. Our first business experience together was launching a movie that nobody came to support when we were 18-years-old.”

Now, as grown men, although life took the two into different directions career-wise, they still found a common ground — their love for sharing futuristic stories surrounding technology and science fiction.

“It’s just recognizing, for us, that there’s an opportunity, being in this industry for as long as we have,” said Philms. “And seeing, right now, more than ever, that there is a thirst for the content that we create. And we understand that we can do that in more innovative ways — not just in film and television. We can cross over into gaming, cross over into the comic spaces, and so forth.”

What's Left Fielder Media?

At Left Fielder Media, the goal is to spark the imaginations of kids and motivate and inspire them to not only want to be in front of the camera but to actually explore and participate in space tourism and innovative technologies.

“It’s important for us to continue to spark ideas among today’s children, because we once sat in that place,” Philms continued. “It’s showing us that we are all multifaceted, especially in space, science, and sci-fi. We don’t see enough of us starring in roles, not just on camera, but also being the brains behind the ideas. So, we’re able to come through and make sure that when we create these projects.”

Getting The Story Right

Furthermore, through Left Fielder Media, they aim to communicate in a way that will not only make their audience proud but their mothers proud as well.

They aren’t just telling looking to tell stories connected to futurism and space, but Cole says they want to get it right, too.

“We’re working closely with NASA engineer Sabrina Thompson to make sure that all of our space language and our technical pieces are on point,” Cole explained.

Philms added: “She provides the authentic perspective that we value. She has a unique perspective, being in the field that she’s in. So, Thompson’s just providing us with obviously the expertise, but then the authenticity that we need to make sure we’re on point.”

Looking Ahead To The Future

As for their future in space tourism, Left Fielder Media aims to ensure that the culture is at the forefront for all that is to come.


“Our company is about two and a half years old. So, in the next 10 years, our goal is to create immersive experiences and share immersive stories rooted in technology,” Cole explained.

He added: “Our motto is designing the future and reclaiming the past. So, we want to be able to always design the future.”