TikTok’s second most followed creator Khaby Lame is known for putting things plainly, but his recent candid social media posts have reportedly lost him followers.

According to Dexerto, Lame posted the hashtag #notoracism on his TikTok in September. He later followed up on his sentiments on Oct. 6 by posting “Say no to racism” on his Instagram story. The outlet reports that screenshots of the influencer’s story suggest that people unfollowed him for those posts.

“I don’t mind guys,” Lame shared in a now deleted post. “We are almost in 2022 and people still use racism because they have nothing to do in their life. Be happy, follow your dream and try to save the planet. You can also unfollow me. I don’t care about the numbers, I care about your hearts! If you do think of something new, do it right and in a positive way!”

The Senegalese-Italian TikToker took his act of spreading love a step further by linking a charity fundraiser — gogetfunding.com — on his story for his followers to donate to, as opposed to “wasting time writing negative comments criticizing.”

The fundraiser supports one of his young followers who is battling stage four cancer.

After being fired from his factory job in Italy, Lame took to TikTok and rose to fame just by being his authentic self.

“It’s my face and my facial expressions that make people laugh,” Lame told The New York Times.

As previously reported by AfroTech, Lame started his TikTok account in March 2020. By July 2021, he surpassed Addison Rae, making him the second-most-followed TikToker in the world. At 115 million followers (as of this writing), the 21-year-old is on his way to possibly knocking Charli D’Amelio — who now leads with 125.6 million followers — out of her No. 1 spot.

Despite being on the road to taking the crown as TikTok’s leading influencer, Lame’s integrity remains in tact as he is standing firm on his beliefs.