Pouring into children’s passions is one of the most important investments.

Since a young age, Kai Cenat has had a deep love for video content. Now, what was once a hobby has transformed into him becoming one of today’s popular live streamers.

As previously shared by AfroTech, he reportedly became the first Black Twitch streamer to rake in 200,000 subscribers and only the third streamer overall to do so. The milestone came just nearly two years after Cenat joined the platform. 

While Cenat’s following continues to skyrocket, he has let his fans in on how the seed for success was first planted. In a YouTube video, he introduced the world to Aunt Cathy, the woman standing next to him in his Twitch profile picture.

Cenat explained that the two met because he was once a part of a summer camp in Boston, MA, that helped city kids explore the countryside. Soon enough, Aunt Cathy’s household became his second family. After not seeing her since 2018, Cenat came to pay her a visit.

“Literally every time I came here it was amazing,” Cenat told Aunt Cathy. “Also, you’re like a second mother to me. You literally got me everything I wanted that my mom sometimes couldn’t afford from the [Nintendo] DS to the games to me being in Gamestop. It meant a lot.”

Cenat went on to share that she was the one to buy him his first laptop, which he used to first start learning how to edit videos. As a token of appreciation for how she supported him throughout his adolescence, he gifted her $20,000 in cash.

“The amount of things you’ve done for me I can’t even pay it back,” he said.

“I got no words,” Aunt Cathy expressed.

She added, “Meeting you was just very sweet. It was fun having you up here every year and showing you some things that you didn’t see in the city. It was a two-way street.”